14 Tips to Achieve Female Orgasm | Vaginal Orgasm

Female orgasm or vaginal discharge

14 Secret Tips to Achieve Female Orgasm
(Vaginal Orgasm or Vaginal Discharge)

Many females ask questions from sex therapists about female orgasms or vaginal orgasms. In this article, we will uncover all the secrets and most helpful tips to make a female orgasm. This article is especially for those whose wives/partners who do not have an orgasm or do not get vaginal discharge and leave an interest having sex (resulting gynophobia in girls).

Is Sex About Man’s Pleasure Only?

No! Sexual pleasure is not for men only but it is more in females. Women also feel sexual pleasure by having orgasms or vaginal discharge. It is not only vaginal penetration that causes feelings of pleasure, but foreplay before sex is also pleasurable for females. Sometimes it is necessary to have foreplay of half an hour to achieve optimum orgasm.

Can All Women Orgasm?

Many people ask a sex therapist or start surfing on the internet about women’s orgasms. Their question is “can all woman’s orgasm?” Yes! Every woman is capable of getting an orgasm. There are some issues in a few women but such cases are rare and may be because of some external factors. If a woman never had an orgasm before does not mean that she cannot have it in the future. She might need to be addressed what is currently blocking her from getting an orgasm.

Sometimes, women struggle to have orgasms. The issue may be psychological or physical. There are treatments, therapies, and interventions that may help them get orgasms. Some postmenopausal women may find they have a diminished desire for sex because of a lack of getting their vagina wet during foreplay. Such cases may be referred to a sex therapist.  

How does Female Orgasm Feel Like?

To describe an indescribable is much more difficult but we will try to let you that how can you know whether you have a female orgasm or not. It feels like intense energy in a female’s body, mainly concentrated in her genitals but also spreading to other parts of the body. It also feels hot with incredibly pleasurable energy. When that energy reaches its orgasmic peak, pelvic floor muscles start to contract. These muscle contractions in the genital area feel really amazing. At that point, there are other physical changes in the body like; as breathing becoming fast, heartbeat intensifying, and there might be flushing on her face and chest, etc. After a few seconds or minutes, depending on how intense the orgasm is, everything starts to return back to normal. The pelvic floor contractions stop and the heartbeat becomes normalized.

How Does Female Orgasm Occur?

Female orgasm occurs in four phases: The first phase is excitement which is a state of arousal or desire. This phase involves your body beginning to get ready for sex. Second is the plateau, during this phase, sexual tension builds even more. Your heart rate and blood pressure continue to increase. In the third phase, you reach at peak of orgasm. During orgasm, your vagina, uterus, and pelvic floor muscles contract rhythmically. In the last phase, everything starts to return to normal. Heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing slow down to a more normal rate after the game is over. 

female orgasm

14 Secret Tips to Achieve a Female Orgasm | Vaginal Orgasm

Achieving a female orgasm or vaginal orgasm is the desire of every woman. Many people know how to stimulate their partners but few are confused and fail to satisfy their partner. To arouse a woman to orgasm has little to do with pornographic skills. Many key factors are involved in arousing females to orgasm. On TV screens and in movies, women always seem to enjoy the peak of orgasms during intercourse with their partners but is not really as shown in the scenes. In real sex, about one-third of women do not have orgasms during intercourse because of many factors. Her sex partner can address the lack of orgasm for a woman in many ways.

Most women need help from sex partners or seek other solutions like the use of sex toys to stimulate themselves to have an orgasm. After reading out this article, you will be able to have the orgasm of your partner. Here are the secret ways to achieve a female orgasm.

Do Not Opt for an Odd Timing

Do not opt odd timing for good female orgasm

Before going to have a sexual activity, plan your activity. If your partner is waking till late at night and she is going to have a sleep. Do not insist on her to go according to your desire. Let her sleep at that time. Be prepared for sexual activity. Plan to watch a romantic movie together in free time and make her ready for sexual activity mentally. Don’t insist during odd timing like; when is getting ready for the office or work, or she is busy in cooking, or when is hungry or thirsty, or fatigued. Be assured that your partner is well. She is not suffering from any illness or flu.

Set the Mood Before Foreplay

The mood of your partner is the most important factor to have her orgasm in sexual activity. Before going for sexual activity, set the mood of your partner. Make sure she is in not upset mentally. Engage her in conversations. Share romantic feelings to please her mood. Sit close to her. Discuss things according to her personal preferences. Switch off the main lights of the room and lit a candle. Spray your room with scent according to the choice of your wife/partner. If she like rose fragrance, keep fresh roses in the room for fragrance. Sit on a comfortable place like a sofa or couch.

Be Assured Your Partner is Ready

Be assured your partner is ready fo sex

Once you have set the mood of your partner, let her know that they are going to enjoy pleasurable sexual intercourse tonight. Because, for many women, having an orgasm has a lot to do with their body, brain, and emotions. Arousing her directly by sexual organs can be a failure to have a female orgasm. So, before you get to touch in gentiles make romantic compliments. Hold her hand, lay her head into your lap, keep fingers in her hair, touch her body beneath the dress. Such activities will make her ready for sex and make her dress off. Remove her shirt first and then trouser and start engaging with her.

Spend More Time on Foreplay

Spend long time on foreplay

When you have made your partner ready for sexual activity, and she gives you a go signal. Do not jump toward direct orgasm. Some women stimulate emotionally and some need plenty of physical stimulation to become aroused. Physical stimulation involves sexy talks, touching, kissing, fingering, and eventually penetration. The initial steps made for arousing stimulation are known as foreplay.

Men have external sexual organs and stimulate them very quickly but on the other hand, females have hidden sexual organs like the G spot, vaginal canal, and E spot and are more reserved compared to males. So they need more time for stimulation. Sometimes arousing a female can take up to 40 minutes or an hour. So, never hurry towards penetration but keep yourself cool, and make a long foreplay to make her sexually aroused.  

Foreplay should be in a sequence and you should be aware that what your partner like during foreplay. If you are a smoker, your partner may feel uneasy when you make a lip kiss. Here are the steps to make a better and long foreplay to arouse an orgasm of a female.

Stimulate Her Mentally

Mental stimulation is equally important as sex. Some girls have a fear of sex termed as gynophobia. If a girl is suffering from gynophobia. deal her accordingly prior to having sex. Make her mentally relaxed and tell her that sex is a pleasurable activity. Discuss benefits of sex to make her ready. A sexy comment or hint can transmit your intentions to her and she starts getting prepared mentally. As mentioned above, create a loving and sensuous atmosphere. Make sure there is no noise interference or sound of street footsteps.

Use a Tender Touch on Her Body

Give a tender touch for female orgasm

Touching every square inch of the body of a female can make her ready to have sexual intercourse.  Many men do kissing on the neck and immediately move towards penetration. It is not what a female wants. Women need a long foreplay. So keep her engaging in touching her body, roaming your hand on her back, arms, and on legs.

Focus on Sensitive Parts

Some body parts are more sensitive than others.  Thin skin and blood vessels close to the surface of the neck act as highly responsive touch pads. Keep kissing on neck to make her stimulated. Many females love neck kissing and ask their partners to kiss on neck.

Continue Your Romance


Keep the steady pace in foreplay and keep on kissing her whole body. You will feel that your partner clearly moving toward orgasm. Brush your lips on her chest and nipples. Give a soft touch from neck to jaw. Keep on soft biting. Take her earlobe into your lips.

Do Not Talk Excessively During Foreplay

Do not talk unnecessarily during foreplay because it can lose the arousing normal to-back position. Never discuss jobs or study issues during foreplay. You can share how are you enjoying or butter her up like you are much sexy and your body is so soft.

Fondle Her Breasts to Stimulate Her Sexually

One of the most sensitive organs of a female’s upper body is her breast. Slowly move on to fondling her breasts which is a powerful erogenous zone. Many females stimulate and have organisms by kissing nipples and moving lips on breasts.

Don’t Race Toward a Quick Orgasm.

Every woman loves to orgasm. Do not move towards penis penetration until your partner is ready and her vagina is wet or lubricated naturally. A woman can have more than one orgasm during intercourse. So do not leave her until she is satisfied. If you have no control over yourself and suffer premature ejaculation, keep putting on your underwear and do not remove them until the vagina is wet and your partner asks to penetrate. You can pinch the top of your penis to make a delay or follow tips mentioned in our article; how to increase sexual time? Remember that the goal of sex is pleasure, and orgasm is one kind of pleasure that is the end of all game. Move slowly and don’t focus on the end game.

Move Toward Vaginal Orgasm

Some women have orgasm when their partners move towards erogenous zone stimulation. Spending nearly half an hour on non-genital body parts will make a woman’s vagina and she can have a better chance to achieve optimum orgasm pleasure. After foreplay with the non-genital part, make a move towards genital parts that is vagina to make a vaginal orgasm. Here are a few tips to enjoy a foreplay with vaginal parts to have the woman orgasm.

Like sensitive parts on the upper body, There are few more sensitive parts inside the vagina that cause stimulation to peak and eventually make vaginal orgasm.

The clitoris: Many women require external clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. This tiny organ contains a high concentration of nerve endings. It is located near the top of the vulva and can be seen when you uncover the outer skin, which is known as the clitoral hood. It is inside the vaginal lips. When a female stimulates, the clitoris will become erect and becomes big in size. Vibrating it with a finger can arouse a female in few minutes.

The G-spot: The location of this orgasmic area is inside the vagina. It is a bundle of nerve endings about two inches up from the pubic bone on the inner, upper wall of the vagina. To feel this spot, place your finger inside the vagina gently and curl your finger upward with your palm facing up. Some women love G-spot stimulation. Do not do this practice for a long time because it causes instant vaginal discharge in some females and the game will be over. During stimulation, this spot gets bigger in size. 

The E-spot: When you insert your finger deeper than g spot, you reach at E-spot. This is the final point where a woman has orgasms. Many women do fingering to self-stimulate or make use of sex toys.

The C-spot: The end of the vagina is C-stop. Few men reach at this stop because it is too deep and a finger cannot reach this point. This is the most sensitive part and every touch on C-spot is like a spark.

Note: Make sure you cut your nails and file them perfectly before you put your finger inside the vagina. The inner canal is very soft and sensitive and your nail can make a cut or infection like vaginal itching. When you are stimulating with a finger, make sure that females prefer soft and slow motion. Being harsh or fast-moving can make a female uncomfortable. 

Lube Up to Achieve Female Orgasm

The use of lubricant makes genitals more erotically sensitive, so it helps women have orgasms. Women experiencing post-menopausal vaginal dryness need lubrication of the vaginal canal. Lubes include any product purchased from the drugstore, oil, cream or it can be saliva. The use of lubes can make her comfortable.

Final Move Towards Vaginal Penetration

If you have done all the stimulation activities, now move on to vaginal penetration with a penis. Keep one thing in your mind during vaginal penetration that is the correct sex position. Prefer a position that your partner likes and feels comfortable with. Try to keep the angle of your penis in such a way that it hit continue sly G-spot. To enjoy full penetration and access to C-spot, place a pillow or wedge under her hips. Doggy style and cowgirl are also favorite sex positions for women.

The more sexual position that you try to choose comfortable ones for your partner is the woman on top, rear entry, and sitting positions. These positions can provide maximum stimulation that can lead to a pleasurable orgasm. 


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