7-Steps to Getting Pregnant Faster

Pregnancy Tips

7- Tips to Getting Pregnant Faster

This article is all about getting pregnant. What things you should do to be pregnant and what should be avoided? Try some simple tips to get pregnant mentioned in this article. Here, we will cover:

  •  How overdo decrease pregnancy chances?
  • Are sex positions matter for pregnancy?
  • Right positions on the bed after intercourse.
  • A healthy lifestyle helps you to get pregnant.
  • How to recognize symptoms of ovulation? | Get pregnant.
  • Stop smoking can help you to get pregnant
  • You should do a lot of sex to get pregnant

What is Pregnancy?

When a couple has intercourse, the male sperms enter the female vagina. These sperms go through the womb and cervix and join in the fallopian tube, as a result, fertilization of the egg starts. This fertilization leads to pregnancy. 

7 Ways for Couples to be Pregnant

Couples who are almost in their 20s to 30s, get pregnant quickly compared to aged people. In some cases, pregnancy takes a long time. If one is not getting pregnant, the couple should talk to their doctor to increase their pregnancy chances.

How Overdo Decrease Pregnancy Chances?

The new married couples do intercourse/sex every day to get pregnant. It’s not good for their health and during ovulation, it decreases the chances of being pregnant. “In general, every other night around the time of ovulation helps increase your chance of getting pregnant,”

Goldfarb says: “When the ovulation period ends, you can do meet up; it can increase the chances of getting pregnant.” In the female’s body, the male sperms live up to 5 days. According to expert health care specialists, regular sex increases your pregnancy chances.

According to Piscitelli, “When you wear tight clothes it lasts negative impacts on the sperm count.” Some bad habits of your partner need to be changed. According to a study on Fertility and Sterility, “When your partner keeps the cell phone near to testicles and extra use of hands-free, may decrease the sperm quality.”

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Do Sex Positions Matter for Pregnancy?

No! It does not matter in which position you enjoy your partner company. Man must ejaculate into the vagina. If you do like to do deep penetration then it increases the chances to be pregnant, because sperms get closeness to the cervix. (Man on the woman, laying down, and face to face are recommended for pregnancy). You can increase the sperm’s speed to reach close to the cervix, just place a pillow under the female’s hips during sex.

Note: The above mention suggestions are not proven scientifically. You can try these on your own.

Right Positions on the Bed After Intercourse

Maybe you heard about it when you stay for some time in bed after sex increases the chances of getting pregnant. Your feet must be in the air after intercourse or place two pillows under your feet. Maybe it’s not totally true. Goldfarb said, “I suggest you lie on the bed after the meet-up at least for 15- 20 minutes. Keep your feet in the air.” The benefit of it is that your pelvis does not move. He also said; right after intercourse when you go to the washroom may decrease pregnancy chances. When you wait for 15-20 minutes, the sperm that is going to take place in the cervix will get the right way.

A Healthy Lifestyle Helps You to Get Pregnant

If you are searching the ways to be pregnant fast then self-care increases the chances of pregnancy. As you know when the journey of pregnancy starts many challenges take place. Before any complications, you need to prepare yourself and take important steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Follow some steps for a healthy lifestyle and increase pregnancy chances:

  •  Make a plan for your meal.
  •  Regularly visit your doctor.
  • Do some exercises on a daily basis.
  • Stop taking any harmful medicines/birth control pills.
  •  Do not smoke.

How to Recognize Symptoms of Ovulation? | Get Pregnant

  • If you want a baby after marriage, must watch the symptoms of ovulation.
  • The symptoms of it may be two to three or more
  •  Light spotting
  •  Stretchy, clear cervical mucus
  • Increase libido
  •  Sensitivity in the breast
  •  Bloating
  •  Basal body temperature may increase or decrease suddenly

Stop Smoking Can Help You to Get Pregnant

 As you know, smoking is injurious to health. Men’s and women’s fertility affect badly when they do smoking. You should stop smoking if you want to have cute babies in your life to make it complete. Luckily, if you get pregnant then smoking will affect the DNA of your baby. Smoking is the biggest risk factor for both you and your baby and may lead to serious complications while pregnancy.

You Should Do Lot of Sex to Get Pregnant

According to research and the opinion of the Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (1) having more than 15 times, sex in a month helps you to get pregnant faster. Doing intercourse every day can lead to burnout, but after two days having sex help you to make the baby faster. Frequent intercourse helps you to increase sperm count.

Bottom Lines:

    The above mention ways help you to get pregnant but before adopting them, you must visit a gynecologist. She will recommend you better.  

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