Increase Sexual Time | How Man Can Boost Sex Stamina

Increase Your Sex Time | How Man Can Boost Sex Stamina

10 Ways Men Can Increase Sexual Time

If you are looking to stay in bed all night with your partner, then you are not alone. Like you, many other men are searching for ways that help them to increase their sexual time. They look for the problems that they are facing during sex or try to find new ways to keep their partner happy all night.

Many of you use enhancement pills that are available on the market without visiting the pharmacy you can get them. But do you know there are a lot of ways to stay firmer and last longer without using pills? Keep one thing in mind, your blood pressure is the most important factor for your penis work. Make sure that your circulatory system works properly. To increase your sexual time, keep an eye on the mentioned below things that are good for you and your partner.

  1. Stay active to increase your sexual time.
  2. Increase sexual time with fruits and veggies.
  3. Pay attention to your partner.
  4. Start-stop technique to increase the sexual time.
  5. Try new things to increase intercourse excitement.
  6. Ayurvedic medicines can increase your bedtime.
  7. Foods to increase sexual time.
  8. Exercises to increase your sexual time.
  9. Say goodbye to bad habits.
  10. Reduce stress to increase sexual time.

Stay Active to Increase Sexual Time

Cardiovascular exercises are the best way to improve your health. Heart rate might up when you do meet up with your partner so regular exercises keep your heart rate in control and increase your sexual time. Get wonderful changes in your libido, and your need to do sweat-breaking exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. Many health care specialists said that these exercises are libido booster exercises.

Increase Sexual Time with Fruits and Veggies

In fruits and veggies, a lot of varieties are available in the market, and in online stores or you can grow them in your kitchen garden. Some of them make wonderful changes in your blood circulation. Resultantly, your sexual time will increase.

Garlic and onions: Some people think that their breath smell is shameful for them. But these foods help to increase your blood circulation. Onion is best for an increase in sexual time. If we talk about veggies, onion is at the top for sex benefits. The same is the case with garlic. It is also beneficial for your overall health along with an increase in sexual time.  Onion and garlic may reduce the breath smell by making blood circulation perfect in your body. But be sure, don’t use onion before sex because it will smell bad too on your breath. 

Bananas: The amount of potassium in this fruit is an extra form that helps to control your blood pressure. Eating bananas daily can help you to boost sexual time and also provides good health to your sexual parts.

Chilies and peppers: These natural spices are reduced hypertension and inflammation which increases your blood flow. Thus, making your sex time perfect.

Pay Attention to Your Partner

Do you think sex is a one-way street? No! To make your Sexual life more beautiful and pleasurable, you need to pay special attention to your partner. This special attention may help to turn you on or slow you down. If you want that your partner and you enjoy the meet-up then you need to talk about it before going to bed to full fill your sexual desire. It can increase sexual time and be a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Start-stop Technique to Increase the Sexual Time

The start-stop technique helps you to stay longer during intercourse. Every man should try this if they want to do more sexual interaction. When you feel early/quick ejaculation, imminent stop sexual activity. Take a breath deeply and then start slowly again. Repeat the start-stop technique after delaying the ejaculation it helps you to stay longer and increase your sexual time. When you try this method your body gets trained to hold ejaculation and you feel more comfortable with not ejaculating.

Try New Things : Increase Intercourse Excitement

Changes in the environment can give you more pleasurable time with your partner. If you stay with your partner in the same place, with the same routine you can get bored, and sex can be routine. It seems more difficult to get pleasure during intercourse so you should try new locations to get excited sexual time. This helps you to get new sexual positions, and different locations increase your sexual time.

In addition, try something new outside your bed with your loving partner such as:

  • Cooking together.
  • Visit museum.
  • Go hiking with your partner.
  • Seeing a new band.
  • Trying a new sport.

This helps you to get more strong connections with your partner, and you get the excitement about the new activity that can carry in the bedroom.

How Ayurvedic Medicines Can Increase Your Bedtime?

Many manufactured products have come into the market that increases sexual time but it has been proven that they also have side effects. These can destroy your health and also decrease your sex power when you stop using them. On the other hand, ayurvedic medicines can be the best option for you to increase sex power with fewer side effects.

Ashwagandha: The use of ashwagandha improves your blood circulation which increases sexual desires. Nitric oxide is produced in your body because of ashwagandha.

Talmakhana: In the genitals the blood flow increase as a result of your sexual time and power increase.

Shilajit: This is a rich source of fulvic that levels up libido and testosterone in men.

Shatavari: Use of this herb increase strength and power in term of sex.

Foods That Increase Sexual Time

As you know that healthy diet is an important part of human health that keeps you away from many diseases. Now we are sharing the best food that will help you to increase your sexual time.

Walnuts: Play a role to improve your quality of sperm.

Strawberries: Sexual desires improve because they contain zinc.

Avocados: Best for health drive due to folic acid and vitamin B6.

Almonds: Firm erections maintenance role play by these.

Chocolates: Makes your mood good because they release serotonin.

Eggs: Eliminating erectile dysfunction.

Peaches: Improves your sperm count because of vitamin C.

Watermelon: Libido and erection improvement properties it has.

Coffee: Being a stimulant, helping you to level up your sex drive.

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