Why Girls Hate Sex 7-Reasons Behind Avoiding

Why Girls Hate Sex 7- Reasons Behind Avoiding

In this article, we will discuss the 7 reasons why girls hate sex, and why you need to understand them. How you can satisfy your partner. So let’s get started.

There may be a number of reasons why your girlfriend/ partner avoids doing sexual activity with you. Such as job stress, menopause, relationship issues, declining hormones, intercourse hurting them, and most important you are unable to satisfy her.

  1. Sex pain can be the reason for hate
  2. She is asexual
  3. Uncomfortable with their body
  4. Lack of privacy
  5. Lack of intimacy
  6. Help her to be relaxed before intercourse
  7. She needs time to prepare herself
why girls hate sex 7 reasons behind avoiding

Sex Pain Can Be the Reason for Hate

According to Dr. Batur: “The pain that a female feels during sex is like a flashing neon.” Some other reasons for painful sex be that she facing health issues such as pelvic dysfunction, period problems, etc. Some young girls 18-25 years old feel more pain during sexual intercourse that’s why young girls hate sex.

She is Asexual

Women who were born with the asexual ability may hate sex. It happens in rare cases but this type of woman also enjoys sexual activity with you. She wants to get all the benefits of a relationship, like sexual activity comfort, affection, care, and attention.

Uncomfortable With Their Body

Some girls hate sex because they do have not a sexy body that satisfies their partner. They avoid doing sexual intercourse with you. The imperfections of her body make her ashamed when you want to see her naked. She feels she can’t satisfy you with her imperfect body that’s why girls hate sex.

Pro-tip for men: If you want that your love partner makes a perfect relationship in the bedroom with you, you need to encourage her. Give them care and attention.

Lack of Privacy

After the birth of a child, your partner feels not the same as earlier. The lack of privacy can spoil your sex life and decrease your interest in her. She feels uncomfortable that’s why she hates sex. If you want to live your sex life, give privacy to it. So, you need to make separate rooms for your children and enjoy your bedtime with your partner in a lonely room.

Lack of Intimacy

Every woman enjoys sex if she is emotionally connected with you. Lack of intimacy spoils your sexual life. Still, if you are getting the right moves she might not be interested because she is not mentally connected with you. Only physical connection does not give her and you the satisfaction which you need both of you.

Help Her to Be Relaxed Before Sex

Sometimes your partner feels very uncomfortable before sex. There are many reasons why feels nervous like her body, sex pain, your attraction, etc. Before fulfilling your sexual desires your need to talk with her and help her to stay calm. Perhaps warm bathing can be a last good impression on her. When you use some lubricants and different positions, helps you to get more attraction during sex.

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