Why Do Girls Hate Sex? Lack of Sexual Desire in Women

Why do girls hate sex

Why Do Girls Hate Sex
Lack of Sexual Desire in Women

Everyone born in this world has an interest in having sex and enjoys it throughout his/her life. But there are certain reasons that why some people lose interest in sex or avoid it totally. In men, it happens rarely; but in females, it is very common. Men lose interest in sex because of erectile dysfunction or because of some other medical issues (that is very rare). Girls lose interest in sex because of multiple reasons. A recent study showed that nearly one-third of women aged 18 to 59 suffer from a lost interest in sex, known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), in medical terms.

There may be several reasons that why your girlfriend/partner avoids doing sexual activity. We will try to explain the reasons that cause a lack of sexual desire in women.

Men and Women Are Different

If you are a man, you might be shocked that one-third of women have no interest in having sex or avoid it totally. Of course, it’s really puzzling for a man to discover that a girl hates sex. After all, men think that sex is a pleasant activity and assume that all women think the same. There are certain things that happen to only women that lead them to lose sexual desire. Some of the main reasons are:

  • All men enjoy sex but some women feel pain during sex which leads them to avoid sex.
  • Males only face erectile dysfunction but females have many complications with sexual organs.
  • Only females face periods, pregnancy, and delivery, and these can lead them to some complications that can lead them to avoid it.
  • Only females have fear of being pregnant (if she needs no child) when they have intercourse.
  • Males have fewer psychological factors compared to females.
  • Males play an active role in having sex but females play a passive role.

Why Some Women Hate Sex | Personal Choice

You might have already understood that many women think that having sex is useless for them. Men have no choice in finding a partner to have intercourse with. They can enjoy sex with any woman even if she is aged or ugly. Contrarily, a woman cannot enjoy sex with all males. If she married a man whom she dislikes, then she might find sex unpleasant. For men, nothing matters that can resist them from enjoying sex. A man can enjoy sex with a woman even if she is her enemy.

This doesn’t mean that each woman who doesn’t enjoy sex hates her partner. Sometimes a girl enjoys sex with her boyfriend but still she feels no interest because of multiple issues like fear of pregnancy, vaginal pain, ignorance of female orgasm, or any other issue. But a man still can enjoy sex if he is doing sex forcefully or raping a girl even on a street.

Sex Pain Can Be the Reason for Sex Hate

According to Dr. Batur: “The pain that a female feels during sex is like a flashing neon.” Some other reasons for painful sex be that she facing health issues such as hormonal changes, pelvic floor dysfunction, period problems, vaginal dryness, burning sensation vaginal infection, or other medical cause, etc. Sometimes, an issue can be from her husband if he takes much time in discharge or he has a big dick.  Some young girls 18-25 years old feel more pain during sexual intercourse because of a closed vaginal canal, vaginal dryness, or uncomfortable sex pose. That’s why young girls hate sex.

Sex does not need to be painful! Depending on the problem, you should consult a specialist in sexual health to get rid of unpleasant feelings. Moreover, There are many ways to be intimate with your partner to make it enjoyable for both. Chose a pose that is comfortable for the female, lubricate if the vaginal surface is dry, engage her in romance to reduce feelings of pain, or make long foreplay for quick discharge.

Complications in Sexual Organs

Sexual organs are the main tools to enjoy sex. If they are dead, no one can enjoy sex. Males face erectile dysfunction that can be due to multiple factors. Still, many males can have orgasms even with erectile dysfunction. They just discharge as they penetrate or touch the vagina.

on the other hand, females are very sensitive. They may have many complications with their organs. Women can’t have orgasms if they have a deficiency in any sexual orgasm. Due to some illness or disease, the sensitivity of breasts can be dead. Fondling on the breast stimulates a woman very quickly but if she is facing any issue in her breast, she will feel irritation and will fail to achieve orgasm. Similarly, if she has a dry surface of the vagina, she will feel pain and irritation and will avoid sex. If she has a vaginal infection or after the birth of a child she is facing any abnormality in the vagina, she will never achieve vaginal orgasm and will lose interest in sex.

Female Orgasm | Vaginal Discharge

Nearly more than 90% of men are capable of getting male orgasms but many females are not capable of getting a female orgasm or vaginal discharge. There are some issues in a few women that might need to be addressed that is currently blocking them from getting orgasm. Vaginal discharge or orgasm feels like intense energy in a female’s body, mainly concentrated in her genitals but also spreading to other parts of the body. It also feels hot with incredibly pleasurable energy. When that energy reaches its orgasmic peak, pelvic floor muscles start to contract, breath becomes fast, and heartbeat intensifies for a few seconds or minutes, depending on how intense the orgasm is, everything starts to return back to normal.

Lack of female orgasm is one of the biggest disappointments that lead to a lack of sexual desire in women. You should consult a sex therapist if you are not getting an orgasm. Moreover, you can read a helpful article on 14 ways to achieve female orgasms. Read Now!

Women Need Time 

According to research, almost 30 percent of females leave interest in sex because it gets over too soon. Some dislike having sex without long foreplay or not getting an orgasm. When it comes to intercourse, everyone has their likes and dislikes to achieve maximum stimulation. Women prefer prolonged foreplay before penetration, on the other hand, males just want to penetrate as they off their dresses. Generally, males stimulate very quickly by watching a porn ad or touching the body of their partner. But females take time to make them ready for stimulation. Sometimes, males are too quick and discharge in a while but females take time in achieving orgasm. Not having enough foreplay can be a big disappointment for most women. Foreplay stimulates the body of a woman and makes her ready for penetration. It’s really important to give her 20 to 40 minutes to fondle on breasts and do some kissing under the sheet to make sex a pleasurable act for her.

Passive Role of Women Can Cause Them to Avoid Sex

It is generally considered that sex is an activity only for men. It happens mainly in male dominant societies. They ask their partner to have sex when they need it. They ask them to adopt a pose of their choice. They do until they have an orgasm. They leave their partner alone after sex. They do not ask their partners that what is comfortable and enjoyable for them. This attitude of men makes the women hate sex. 

Don’t Imitate What You See in Porn Videos

When someone is going to avail a chance to have sex for the first time, he will prefer to jump on the internet or YouTube to see porn ideas.  But what you on a screen is not applicable in real life. If you copy them and adopt their different poses, you can face a big disappointment and it will leave a negative impact on your partner’s mind. Because they do not teach love, they only stimulate you and you will discharge very quickly. A lot of men treat a woman’s vagina like a sex toy and start fingering to stimulate G-spot directly without making their partner ready. It can be very dangerous because, without lubrication, a fingernail can damage the fragile surface of the vagina. It depends on the personal choice of a woman. Don’t follow what you see in porn videos and try to stimulate her with some uncomfortable deep cave exploits. Ask her for what she likes and follow her lead instead of your own way. 

Uncomfortable Body Can Lead a Girl to Hate Sex

Some girls hate sex because they do have not a sexy body that satisfies their partner. They avoid doing sexual intercourse with you. The imperfections of her body make her ashamed when you want to see her naked. She feels she can’t satisfy you with her imperfect body that’s why girls hate sex.

A man should be very careful in this regard. If he wants that his love partner makes a perfect relationship in the bedroom with him, he needs to encourage her. Females should be very clear that men pay very less attention to the body, they only need a loving partner. Beauty does not matter for a man while having intercourse. 

Lack of Privacy       

After the birth of a child, your partner feels not the same as earlier. The lack of privacy can spoil your sex life and decrease your interest in her. She feels uncomfortable that’s why she hates sex. Even the sound of footsteps from an adjacent street can spoil the sexual desire in females. If you want to live your sex life, give privacy to it. So, you need to make separate rooms for your children and enjoy your bedtime with your partner in a lonely room.

Lack of Intimacy

For men, emotions play no role while having sex. For women, emotions play an equal role as vaginas in their sex. It is impossible to separate emotions and sex in women. Every woman enjoys sex if she is emotionally connected with you. Lack of intimacy spoils your sexual life. Still, if you are getting the right move, she might not be interested because she is not mentally connected with you. Only physical connection does not give her and you the satisfaction which you need of you.

The main reasons for the lack of intimacy may include

  • Trust issues
  • Lack of physical contact
  • Low self-esteem
  • Unable to share feelings
  • Insatiable sexual desire
  • Anger
  • Unstable relationships in past
  • Self-imposed social isolation

Help Her to Be Relaxed Before Sex

Sometimes your partner feels very uncomfortable before sex. There are many reasons why feels nervous like her body, sex pain, attraction, etc. Before fulfilling your sexual desires your need to talk with her and help her to stay calm. Perhaps warm bathing can be a last good impression on her. When you use some lubricants and different positions, helps you to get more attraction during sex. If you don’t engage her, she might hate sex in the future. 

Fear of Pregnancy is the Main Reason for Girls to Avoid Sex  

If a woman has fear of any type, she will never achieve a vaginal orgasm. Women who want to avoid child because of fear of responsibility or hesitate to bring up a child might find sex unpleasant. Sometimes, A girl who wants to avoid pregnancy might feel fear of getting pregnant when her partner is insisting to penetrate the vagina and discharging inside. She might have a fear of leakage of the condom. Sometimes, a female feels irritated by the use of a condom. 

She’s Avoiding You

As you have learned that women can’t enjoy when they are with a person who is not their choice. After marriage, if you are living your own life and not caring about her or flirting with any other girl; she may lose interest in you. It also may happen that she married you for sake of wealth and after marriage, she realizes that her husband is penniless, she will avoid you for ruining her life by dodging her.  

Some Other Factors That Decrease Sexual Desire in Girls

She is asexual: Women who were born with the asexual ability may hate sex. It happens in rare cases but this type of woman also enjoys sexual activity with you. She wants to get all the benefits of a relationship, like sexual activity comfort, affection, care, and attention.

Interpersonal relationship issues: Careless attitude of partner, lack of romantic vibes, partner performance problems, lack of emotional satisfaction, and avoiding partner can decrease sexual desire in females.

Sociocultural influences: Job stress, peer pressure, anger, disappointment, a tiring day at work, frustration, failure in achieving goals, and many other factors can cause a lack of sexual interest in females.

Emotional issues: Stress, anxiety, and depression can cause women to lose interest in sexual life.

Medical problems: Physical conditions, mental health, fibroids, endometriosis, and thyroid disorders also contribute to making a woman asexual.

Fatigue: Women are not physically as strong as men. By the end of the day, women get tired and sleep early. When your wife is too exhausted, she will refuse to even touch her body for foreplay. This routine can cause a lack of sexual interest.

Age: When women reach their 30s to 40s, their libido starts decreasing. A decrease in libido is also the main factor that causes a lack of sexual interest in women. 

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