An Apple a Day : Keeps Doctor Away

An Apple a Day : Keeps Doctor Away

Literary Apple is sub-brand of Samina Blog Series. Samina Mughal is the founder and owner of Samina Blog Series, who named it after her name.

Literary Apple brand provide stuff and services pertaining to the health and beauty.

Here are the services and opportunities we provide under brand of Literary Apple.

  • Weight Loss Tips
  • Weight Gain Tips
  • Beauty and Skin Care Tips

Moreover, Literary Apple provides,

  • Weight loss products reviews
  • Weight gain products reviews
  • Cosmetics products reviews
  • Fashion products reviews

We also provide Guest-Posting facility if pertaining to our niche subject. Sometime, we accept link insertions on some texts if referred to any genuine product or service.

Contact Us:

You can contact us at to get in touch or to avail any of the above services / guest-posting / link-insertion etc. 

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