Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Lose Your Weight In 7-Days

Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Lose Your Weight In 7-Days

7-days weight loss diet plan

Now day’s weight loss is one of the most searched topics in the world. Due to COVID-19 working from home makes people fatter. During the Pandemic, people do not follow any diet plan and did not go out for a walk, which increase their obesity in them. People who gain weight during COVID-19 should try a GM diet plan for weight loss.

GM diet plan not only helps people to lose weight but it has many other benefits, which improve your health, and digestive system. Improvement in body detoxification helps your body to burn more fats easily and quickly with a GM diet plan.

The people who followed GM diet plan, it has proven to be very helpful for them. Because in the GM diet plan vegetables and fruits are included, Fruits and vegetables are low in a calorie which helps you to lose weight. You can follow the diet plan many times but with a gap of seven to eight days.

Here is a seven days diet plan for weight loss followed by GM

Day one: Apart from bananas consume any fruit. You should use melons because they have plenty of water in them, which helps your body to burn more fat. You can use melons as many times as you want.

Day two: any vegetable you can eat. You can use it as many times as you want in boiled or raw form. During breakfast, you can consume one medium-size potato.

Day three: don’t use potatoes and bananas; use boiled or raw vegetables for a full day.

Day four: on the fourth day consume almost six to eight large size bananas, not only bananas. Consume bananas with three glasses of skimmed milk.

Day five: 280 grams of fish/chicken and six tomatoes. If you are a vegetarian you should use brown rice. If you don’t want to use brown rice use cottage cheese, on the fifth day drink more water.

Day six: on Six-day, you can repeat the same diet which you take on the fifth day. Non-vegetarians should use spinach with 280 grams of chicken/fish, but vegetarians can eat brown rice/ cottage cheese. More water intake.

Day seven: Last day of the diet you should use half chapatti/ brown rice, vegetables, and fruit juices can be consumed.

Tips with diet plan for weight loss

45-minute walk during a seven-day diet plan can increase your weight loss more quickly.  Don’t do any painstaking exercise if you feel any weakness in your body.

What you should do after seven days?

Once you complete your seven days GM diet plan, it is advised don’t use any junk food because junk food gains weight.

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