What is Crash Diet? Is Crash Diet Bad for Health?

crash diet

What is Crash Diet?: Is Crash Diet Bad for Health?

Never go for Crash Diet! Hmmmm….. Crash diet! What does crash diet mean? 

When this word sounds in ears, it looks drastic and more than a little dangerous. Most health experts would agree on avoiding a crash diet. This is a low calories intake diet that will help you achieve weight loss goals more rapidly. Crash dieters reduce the foods that they normally consume. This can diet reduce your weight by up to 20 pounds in just a month but maybe it has plenty of health risks.

But do you think what crash diets are? How they can be bad news for your body? Read out to find your answers.

What Does Crash Diet Mean?

Medically, there is a perfect definition of a crash diet. Kodis Says “crash diet is a process which often leads to unpleasant emotional states, distorted eating behaviors as well as body composition effect and poor metabolic.”

A crash diet will expect you to intake fewer calories from the beginning or BMR (Your body needs the proper amount of calories for a day to perform basic functions). In a short period, how much you will lose weight is not defined when you follow a crash diet. This is an unrealistic promise.

Does Crash Diet Work?

A crash diet can lead to multiple results that are discussed below. When you cut off the calories that your body needs for the whole day, your body drastically drops weight. But this dramatic weight loss has a lot of health problems. If you want to lose weight and keep fit for a long time, then your choice must not be a crash diet. 

12 Reasons | Why Crash Diets Are Bad for Health?

You should opt for safer and more authentic ways to lose weight instead of going for a crash diet.

You Will Be Hungry More Than Usual During the Crash Diet

It sounds astonishing; When you consume over 2000 calories daily and suddenly cut off the amount of these calories into half or one-third of calories, you will feel hungry. If you are feeling hungry it’s not bad, it’s natural. But, when you don’t eat the desired amount of food that your body needs, this makes many changes in your body. A better way to approach dieting is that you should eat types of foods that are rich sources of proteins and fiber to promote satiety.

A Crash Diet Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

With a low metabolism, it’s not possible to lose weight. With a high metabolism, your body burns more calories at rest. Short-term reduction in metabolic rate is known as caloric restriction. It means that when you eat less, your body slows down the metabolic rate. In ancient times, people survive for a long time without more food because of a shortage of food this was a survival tactic. But nowadays individuals can’t stay hungry for a long time because of several reasons. The most common is a bad diet and unhealthy food. If individuals stay hungry for a long time their body burns fewer calories at rest, and it’s not useful.

Harmful to the Heart

In 2018, a study was conducted in which health specialists said, “if you eat fewer calories diet can be the reason for an initial rise in the amount of fat present in your heart.” It can be a big problem for those who are already living with heart problems, such as palpitations, arrhythmia, and shortness of breath. This study followed 21 obese volunteers when they reduced their calorie intake from 2000+ to 6000 and dropped to 800 calories.

Hormonal Changes With a Crash Diet

When you reduce your calorie intake to achieve fast weight loss goals, it can delay puberty or stop your periods even once it has started. For young ladies, it can be the reason for health issues. A crash diet can affect your hormones and work and can cause issues after marriage. Females face complications in pregnancy or it can be difficult to become pregnant.

NOTE: If you are a young lady and thinking to go on a crash diet then you must visit your doctor/nutritionist before you face any critical issues.

Changes in Mood

A crash diet can cause issues like irritability, depression, and anxiety. These issues can be the initial step of your change in mood when you follow crash diets. Later on, these can lead to poor self-esteem and your thoughts go negatively about your body when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Loss of Muscles

With a crash diet, you not only lose your weight but also other tissues of your body lose fat including muscles. Muscle tone and size also affect when losing weight and you also look unhealthy and skinnier. Moreover, when muscle mass reduces, your metabolic rate also reduces. In simple words, a crash diet is not a good way to lose weight quickly.

Crash Diet Can Deprive You of Vital Nutrients

In a balanced diet, essential nutrients are included such as healthy fats, vitamins, proteins, high fiber, and carbohydrates. If you want to stay fit, then you should add the above nutrients to your diet. A range of nutrients that your body needs helps to power your muscles and maintain a strong heartbeat. You will miss out on these all essential elements when you start crash diets. The cabbage soup diet and cayenne pepper are particularly problematic fad diets; these diets have a highly restrictive nature that makes it hard for you to meet your nutritional needs.

Problems of Hair Loss

Hair growth and its shine rely on a good diet and plenty of essential proteins, biotin, vitamins, E, and C, minerals, and fats. While following crash diets, your hair misses out on all these nourishing nutrients As a result, hair loss and many other problems arise regarding hair.

You Can Face Puberty Issues When You Follow a Crash Diet

Young females who get fat at an early age try to find ways that help them to stay slim and fit. The first thing that rolls down in their mind is crash diets that help them to lose weight fast. But when they followed crash diets many other health issues can face with time. Puberty issues are the most dangerous that females will face after a crash diet. During pregnancy, they can face problems like miscarriage and many others. Before starting a crash diet, consult with any health specialist.

Crash Diet | Energy Robber

Fatigue, weakness, and dizziness issues you can face while adapting crash diets. Your body needs the proper energy to perform all the functions that get from a good diet. Insufficient amounts of carbohydrates which are the power source for your brain, if you miss your brain will unable to perform all the functions and as a result, dizziness problems get roots. After that these little problems increase day by day and become big health issues.

Why People Do Crash Diet?

In the modern world, people are just running to get too much money and they’re not giving attention to their health. They eat fast food and have no proper time for food. Thy intake cold drinks and do not use milk and other natural sources. Resultantly, they get fat in their body very quickly. After that, they do a crash diet which helps them to burn fat fast but adds side effects too.

Some Other Reasons Why People Choose a Crash Diet

  1. Want to lose weight quickly.
  2.  Body look does not make them happy.
  3.  Believing that crash diets are healthy for them.
  4. They want to manage a health condition.
  5. To change body shape.
  6. Peers’ pressures urge them to go for diet plans.

Unhealthy Diet Signs

  1. The diet will ask you to stay away from such foods that are a source of carbohydrates.
  2.  It promises to see improvements in your health quickly.
  3. These diets will tell you no need for any exercise.
  4. It recommends that all your needs are some specific products such as tea or pills.
  5. It doesn’t tell you what you have to do after the diet completely.

Some Examples of Crash Diet Plans

The cabbage soup diet, Raw food diet, 21 Day Fix, The whole 30, Atkins diet, liquid diet (slim fast), and south beach diet are the examples of crash diets.

The Bottom Lines

Target some good goals and diets if you want to lose weight safely. The diets that promise you to lose weight in just 7 days, 10 days, etc are not healthy for you; you should find the correct ones.

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