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Reasons of Belly Fat and Why It Is Dangerous for You

In this article we will discuss: the reasons of belly fat, what is belly fat and its types, and why belly fat is dangerous now let’s get started. When the fat around your abdomen gets thick your belly looks bigger it’s called belly fat. Mainly there are two types of belly fat.

Visceral: in this type of belly fat your organs surround by fat.

Subcutaneous: in this type, the fat sits under your skin.

Having subcutaneous fat is not too dangerous for your health but visceral fat can be the reason for many health complications. It can affect your liver, kidneys, pancreas etc.

Is Belly Fat Dangerous for You?

Yes, belly fat is dangerous for your health it leads to many health issues. Such as Asthma, breast cancer, colon cancer, dementia, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Reasons of belly fat

Reasons of Belly Fat & Why its Dangerous for Your Health

Reasons Behind Belly Fat

There are several reasons why you get belly fat which makes your clothes too fit and your personality affects by this.

A poor diet Can Increase Belly Fat

Now one thing rolls into your mind what is a poor diet? Foods such as cakes, candy, soft drinks, street foods, oily foods, etc. are in the poor diet category. These foods can be harm full for your health and may be the reason for many health issues such as, gain your weight, slowing down your metabolism, and reducing your body’s ability to burn extra fat. 

Use of Alcohol in Extra Amounts

A 2015 report on alcohol in which clearly mentioned that people who drank an extra amount of alcohol are more obese other than those who don’t use alcohol. Males get fatter around their bellies while using alcohol and females were inconsistent in that study. You can lose belly fat to stop drinking alcohol.

Lack of Exercise

Today in the fast-moving world inactive lifestyles of people increased many health issues in them.  People don’t focus on exercise which increases by 35% of obesity chances. You can burn belly fat while focusing on exercise. In the morning before your breakfast, at least walk on fresh morning grass for 25-30 minutes and after your dinner repeat the same process. While doing this your body will be able to burn belly fat more actively and you feel smart and active.

(See article on: Exercises to reduce belly fat)

Stress Can Increase Belly Fat

A steroid hormone in your body that control and deal with stress is known as cortisol. Your body releases this hormone when you are in danger and in a tough situation. Releasing this hormone in that situation directly affects your metabolism.  In a stressed situation, many of you feel hungrier and look for tasty fast food which increases the chances of belly fat. Because of the cortisol and lower metabolism calories remain around your belly and other areas of your body for later use.


Many types of research have been published on smoking harmful effects but it’s not mentioned that smoking directly causes belly fat but it’s considered a risk factor for your health. In Plos one journal in 2012 a study published, in that study, the ratio of obesity in smokers and nonsmokers was the. In smokers, the visceral fat and belly fat was more as compared to nonsmokers. 

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