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Side Effects of Eating Too Many Bananas

Side Effects of Eating Too Many Bananas

Side Effects of Bananas

Side Effects of Bananas

Banana has many health benefits but everything in nature have also side effects when you use them in excess amount. A famous quote about it is, “excess of everything is bad”. Nothing in the world is useless but everything has its own way of usage. If you eat fruits wisely and in a moderate amount, you can enjoy many health benefits. But, It you eat them in excess, you can have bad results instead of health benefits. 

So, let us tell you some side effects of bananas if you eat them in excess.

Bananas Can Cause Weight Gain


Yes, as compared to your favorite box of cookies and crisps, bananas have less amount of calories. However, they have enough calories, which can gain your weight. 105 calories found in medium size bananas. When you compare them with other fruits such as medium size orange and grapes have 62 and one-cup watermelon have 45 calories. Are you looking for low calories snack after every few hours, then we do not recommend bananas.

Banana can be eaten in many ways because it has a delicious taste. However, if you eat bananas more than three you might gain weight. The reason is that it has many calories. Do you know? One single banana has 100 calories.

Migraine Attacks Can Be Increased

Migraine attack and banana

Are you facing acute migraine attacks? Then you should avoid eating bananas in your daily diet. In some foods such as bananas, fish, meat, and cheese tyramine substance were found which could prompt migraine headaches. In the peels of bananas, tyramine is in excess amount than pulp. You should be more cautious while removing stringy pieces of peel.

Tooth Decay Problems While Eating Bananas

Bananas are high in starch, which is why they can be the reason for tooth decay. You need to do proper brushing if you eat bananas. Do you know bananas are more detrimental to your oral health? Yes, they are more dangerous than any chocolate, chewing gum, and red licorice. In chocolates, sugar is present that dissolve more quickly as compared to starch. The particles of banana remain 2 hours between your teeth that attract more bacteria as a result the risks of cavities increase.



When the number of potassium increases in your blood, it may cause hyperkalemia.

The symptoms of hyperkalemia are a heartbeat increase, uneven pulse rate nausea and you can face issues of a heart adults, this disease may get its peak if they consume more potassium. In most diet plans, it has been mentioned to consume more bananas. Such as in the GM diet plan, but you should avoid eating bananas in dieting they may cause serious health issues.

Can Gas Problems Increase With Bananas?

Yes, in bananas soluble fiber and fructose are present, which may cause gas. Your large intestine needs more effort to break down the fiber when you suddenly increase the consumption of fiber. As a result, you can face gas problems.

The Bottom Line

Thousands of varieties of bananas have different tastes, shapes, and colors. That is why people love to eat bananas to make their taste unique. In many diet plans, it is recommended to eat banana, but you should avoid bananas in excess because they can be harmful to your overall health.

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