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    Phool Makhana | Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds

    phool-makhana-Health-benefits-of -Lotus-seeds

    Phool makhana is the popular name for fox seeds or lotus seeds. In this article, we are going to explore health benefits of phool makhana. The content of the article includes: History of phool makhana Nutritional facts of lotus seeds Benefits of phool makhana How much you should use it? Why phool makhana is popular? Side effects of phool makhana/ fox seeds Phool Makhana | Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds History of Phool Makhana/ Fox Seeds Phool makhana is cultivated in large amounts in the Indian state of Bihar. Japan and Russia also produced Phool makhana in large areas. In Western countries, two names for this natural seed are fox seed and lotus seeds. In your daily dishes, it can be a healthy…