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Phool Makhana | Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds

Phool makhana is the popular name for fox seeds or lotus seeds. In this article, we are going to explore health benefits of phool makhana. The content of the article includes:

  • History of phool makhana
  • Nutritional facts of lotus seeds
  • Benefits of phool makhana
  • How much you should use it?
  • Why phool makhana is popular?
  • Side effects of phool makhana/ fox seeds
phool-makhana-Health-benefits-of -Lotus-seeds

Phool Makhana | Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds

History of Phool Makhana/ Fox Seeds

Phool makhana is cultivated in large amounts in the Indian state of Bihar. Japan and Russia also produced Phool makhana in large areas. In Western countries, two names for this natural seed are fox seed and lotus seeds. In your daily dishes, it can be a healthy option.

In India, lotus seeds are offered to God on special occasions and festivals. Throughout Asia, makhana is cultivated and used in many traditional forms of medicine. These medicines help to cure various conditions. In curries, kheer, pudding, sweet dishes, and other snacks, lotus seeds are used to make them delicious.

Nutritional Facts of Lotus Seeds

100 grams of Makhana contains:

  • Iron: 1.4mg
  • Total Lipids (Fats): 0.1gm
  • Calories: 347
  • Protein: 9.7gm
  • Carbohydrates: 76.9gm
  • Calcium: 60mg
  • Fiber: 14.5gm
  • Fat: 0.1 grams
  • Potassium: 171 grams
  • Magnesium: 26 grams
  • Phosphorous: 90 grams
  • Moisture: 13 grams
  • Calories: 347

Health Benefits of Phool Makhana/ Lotus Seeds

Phool makhana provides you incredible health benefits that you may not get using any other food. You can enjoy it in many dishes to get its variety of benefits.

Help You To Lose Weight

fox seeds Help You To Lose Weight

In makhana, carbohydrates, protein, and carbs are in a rich amounts, which keeps you fuller for a long time. Primarily resistant starch in makhana slower your digestive rate, which is the reason for low blood glucose. Lotus seeds are the perfect snack for obese people because of their lower calories. If you are looking for weight loss foods then consume makhana without any guilt. Enjoy low calories while eating one modest cup of Phool makhana. 

How To Use Phool Makhana for Weight Loss?

When you use makhana for weight loss, we recommend you consume it as a midday snack for the best results. Let us tell you some simple ways to use lotus seeds for weight loss.

Dry Roasted Makhana

Take a nonstick pan and add some makhana in. Turn on the low flame and let them slightly brown. When they turn into a light brownish color turn off the flame and store them in an airtight jar. Keep your makhana jar in a dry place this will keep them safe.

Chivda Makhana for Weight Loss

You need one hard bottom pan and two tablespoons of ghee. After that, add curry leaves, cumin seeds, and chopped green chilies. You can also add a few peanuts after stirring.

Let the ingredients fry. When they change the color, add cashews, chana dal, and red chilies. If you like, dried coconuts add them for better flavor. Fried them well and add salt and turmeric at least 1/2 tablespoons or according to your taste. Make sure all makhana is well coated with the masala. Now your recipe is ready, you can store it in an airtight jar for future use.

Mint Flavored Fox Nuts

Your body needs some refreshing drinks during summer. Scroll down and ready your summer drink with makhana.

As mentioned in the above recipes add ghee to a pan and let it melt. Add pumpkin seeds, and curry leaves, and fry them well. To make a full of the flavored dish add salt and pepper. Add roasted makhana and your favorite herbs.

Final step: Add powder of (pudina) mint and mix well. Mint-flavored makhana refreshing drink is ready to use. Blend the roasted makhana and add herbs and spices of your choice can make it more beneficial for you.

Note:  For better results, you need to do exercises and a healthy diet. Never go for a crash diet to lose weight. When you use makhana in the right quantity and right manner, it can be more beneficial for weight loss than any type of diet plan.

Is Phool Makhana Good for Bones?

Lotus seeds are good for bones

Yes, because calcium is a rich source of makhana, which is an essential nutrient for bone health. Calcium improves our body’s metabolic process. It can be an excellent choice for your bones because of the considerable quantity of calcium. Want to get calcium in higher quantities add it to curry leaves powder, moringa leaves to powder, and sesame seeds powder and consume it. Joints aching can also be cured with these ingredients.

Stay Young Use Phool Makhana

Stay Young Use Phool Makhana

According to some researchers, certain chemicals in has been identified in lotus seeds that help you to stay young.  As a matter of fact, in one study, it has been mentioned that in makhana some amino acids are present which are well known for anti-aging qualities. Methionine, cysteine, glutamine, and arginine are amino acids.

Fox Seeds Reduce Cancer Risk

fox seeds prevent you from cancer

Chemical molecule Neferine present in lotus. This chemical reduces the risk of cancer and slows down the progression of lung cancer. Researchers are conducting more studies on whether lotus seeds either are beneficial for cancer or not.

Makhana Is Beneficial for Heart Patients

Makhana Is Beneficial for Heart Patient

The amount of sodium in Phool makhana is lower than magnesium and potassium. Magnesium and potassium are in rich quantities in these seeds. If you suffered from hypertension then it is a better choice for you. Sudden spikes in blood pressure will be reduced when you use it. Low in saturated fats and cholesterol makes it unique for those people who are facing cardiovascular issues.

Diabetes and Lotus Seeds

Diabetes and Lotus Seeds

The process of insulin in your body slows down and inappropriate working of the pancreas is diabetes. In lotus seeds, vital proteins and starch are in the desired quantity, which is great for diabetic patients.

Get Rid of Diarrhea With Fox Seeds

Get Rid of Diarrhea With Fox Seeds

Are you facing prolonged diarrhea issues?  Then you need to consume fox seeds, which helps you to stop them because they contain a high quantity of caustic. Caustic is well known for the treatment of diarrhea. Fox seeds also improve your appetite.

Enhance Sexual Wellness

Enhance Sexual Wellness

Phool makhana is the only thing that makes your partner and your sexual life happy. It has the ability to increase fertility in women and sperm count in males. If your sexual timing is less and your partner is not getting enough pleasure then use it from today.

Cure Arthritis With Fox Seeds

Good choice for those people who are suffering from arthritis because of the high amount of calcium.

How Much You Should Use It?

  1. Excess of everything is bad. Only 25-30 grams of Phool makhana is enough to consume daily. Get all its benefits just add it to your daily or weekly diet.
  2. It is also beneficial for pregnant women and kids. Other foods like, fried packaged potato chips and popcorn are not healthy options for your kids. Use Phool makhana popcorn as a healthy diet.
  3. You can consume Phool makhana as an early morning snack. Roast at least  3-4 makhana in the morning and consume them on empty stomach. Moderation is very important while consuming Phool makhana.

If you are suffering from Arrhythmia, you should consult with your doctor or a qualified nutritionist. Breastfeeding mothers use Phool makhana after consultation.

Why Phool Makhana Is Popular

The high nutritional values of Phool makhana make it extremely popular. Many celebrities use fox nuts in their diet and talk about them when any reporter asks them about their diet. They mostly use them after workouts to boost their energy. It is a cause of the sudden popularity of these amazing nuts.

You can easily get it from online stores and from pansari shops. Makhana helps you to maintain your ideal weight because it is low in saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol. Ready your tiffin for the office with the yummy roasted lotus seeds dishes. Makhana is going to get more popular in the future because of its health benefits. Many supermarkets are selling makhana in different varieties. It boosts your energy instantly and provides you with all the essential nutrients that you need for a day.

Side Effects of Phool Makhana

side effects of phool makhana
  • Few individuals feel an allergy when they use lotus seeds. If you feel an allergy after the consumption of lotus seeds must consult with a physician.
  • Bloating and constipation issues can be the reason when you use lotus seeds in excess.

Phool Makhana – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which health benefits Makhana provides?

Many of you think that makhana is not too beneficial for you. It is a pack of health. High blood pressure problems and hypertension issues can be treated with this one nut. These nut seeds are low in calories. The richness of proteins, low calories, sodium, and potassium in makhana makes it perfect for snacking. Makhana helps you to lose weight, improves your eye health, boosts your energy, keeps you away from heart problems, and has many more benefits you can get from just one seed.

What is a good thing to store fox seeds?

You have to buy airtight glass jars to store makhana for long use. Airtight jar keeps the nuts fresh for a long time because they prevent the air from entering. Always keep makhana jars in a dry and cool area or at room temperature. Never place these seeds in sunlight.

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