Ways To Get Rid of Dark Circles

Effective Ways To Get Rid of Dark Circles​

effective ways to get rid of dark circles

With both naturally and medically prescribed methods you can get rid of dark circles, or lessen their appearance but remember these treatments are not permanent. If you maintain your diet, take care of your eyes, take proper sleep, and avoid unhealthy food you can remove dark circles permanently.

How You Can Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

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  • When to visit a doctor

Your Eyes and Dark Circles

Can dark circles become a serious health issue? Not at all, but according to the opinions of some people they thought dark circles make them older, unhealthy and they look so tired. Naturally and medically a lot of methods and remedies are prescribed, that help you to remove dark circles, or lessen their appearance. Don’t think that these treatments are permanent; if you use them they will help you to remove them permanently or reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Which Reasons Behind the Dark Circles?

There are many reasons behind dark circles; fatigue is the most common reason. Some other causes include allergies, high fever, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, heredity, pigmentation irregularities, eye rubbing, alcohol, smoking, less sleep, sun rays, aging, dehydration, etc. One more important reason for dark circles is aging. As you grow older, your body begins to lose more collagen and fat, which in turn causes your skin to become thinner. This causes reddish-blue arteries to appear under your eyes.

How To Get Rid of Dark Circles?

A lot of ways that can remove or reduce dark circles permanently, everyone has a different type of skin so you should try remedies according to your skin. Some remedies are good for those who have oily skin, and some are good for other types of skin. Remember that remedies may not work when you don’t change your habits or lifestyle.

Take Proper Sleep

If you don’t go to your bed it may be the reason for dark circles. No proper sleep means you are losing your health, and when you look paler the appearance of dark circles may be prominent. You should take eight to nine hours of sleep every night.

Thick Pillows Under Your Head at Night

When you go to sleep at night you should use thick pillows it may help to lessen fluid pooling in your lower eyelids.

Keep Safe Your Eyes From the Sun

Ultraviolet rays can be the cause of dark circles if you keep away yourself from these harmful rays you can save yourself from dark circles. Wear sunglasses when you go out, and use hats, and moisturizers.

Get Rid of Dark Circles With a Cold Compress

Cold compress is the simplest way to remove dark circles, no need for any money, and no more time require for anything else. Just give five to ten minutes to get beautiful eyes. Every morning and evening apply a cold compress. Take one mask and keep that mask in the fridge for some time when it turns cold, pull out the mask twice a day. This method has surprising effects on dark circles and most easy method. You have to keep clean your mask and wash the mask a few times a week with a good soap.

Can Cucumbers Help You To Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Cucumber is one of the best and most used methods to remove eye swelling, in polar, TV, and in many films, you have seen this method is widely used. Cucumber is a rich source of vitamin c that helps your skin to get nourishment and moisturize. The healthy compound silica found is cucumber which is most beneficial for healthy tissues.

Use Tea Bags To Remove Dark Circles

Where green tea helps you in weight loss it also helps you to remove dark circles, which means two benefits you can get from one bag of tea, amazing. Make one cup of green tea and enjoy that, now use the bag of tea for dark circles.

Put the used tea bag in the refrigerator and let it cool. When it cools down put the bag on your both eyes. Residual caffeine in the tea bag helps to constrict blood vessels which reduces blood flow. For quick results do this daily.

A Mixture of Cucumber and Lemon Juice

Sometimes only cucumber slices don’t work on every skin, because of different skin tones; if only cucumber slices will not work on your skin try something different.

Take one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of cucumber juice, mixed them well, and apply this mixture under your eyes with cotton gently( don’t use lemon in your eyes) after 15 minutes rinse your face with luke’s warm water.

Remove Dark Circles With Rose Water

The fantastic smell of rose water attracts everyone, but it has a lot of benefits for your skin, yes, it helps you to remove dark circles under your eyes, and rosewater work as a skin toner. Take two cotton remover pads and dip them in rose water for a few minutes, when they dip completely. Put that soaked pad on your closed eyes for 15 minutes. Do this twice daily.

Tomatoes Juice and Lemon Juice Mixture for Dark Circles

Lycopene found in tomatoes is an excellent health provider substance, it not only removes your dark circles, but is also well for cardiovascular health, and increases eyesight. Lycopene makes your skin softer, removes blackheads from your skin when you do potato massage, and removes dark circles.

The best way to gain the amazing effect of tomato you should mix tomato juice and lemon juice. Apply this mixture with the cotton ball under your eyes it will remove your dark circles. You can apply this mixture on your whole face for brighter skin; after 10 minutes wash your face with lukewarm water.

Pro tip: lemon juice, tomato juice, and some mint leaves make a drink for yourself and consume it, this drink will improve your overall health not just your skin.

Grated Potatoes and Cucumber for Dark Circles              

Potatoes and cucumber combination is the most effective remedy for dark circles. If you will use this it will help to reduce puffins that appear under your eyes. Take one tablespoon of grated potatoes and cucumber and place this mixture under your eyes. Wait for 10 minutes and then remove the mixture. If you don’t want to use a grated mixture you can use it in liquid form.

Take an equal amount of both veggies and extract juice from them, and dip the cotton ball in potato and cucumber juice. Cover the whole area of your eyes where your dark circles are appearing. Wait 2-3 three minutes and wash your face with cold water.

Pro tip: In case of a shortage of time place cucumber and potato slices on your eyes.

How Does Cold Milk Help To Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Do you want to clean your skin even more easily? Yes, it’s possible, cold milk is known as a natural cleanser for your whole skin, but it can help in soothing the sensitive skin of your eyes. The lactic acid in milk helps in lightens your skin and remove puffins. Potassium in milk will be a proven natural moisturizer for your skin. Dip some cotton in cold milk and apply it where your dark circles are. After some time wash your face with cold water, and repeat daily for better results.

Orange Juice and Glycerin

Vitamin a and c amounts in oranges are very high, and this is known as the best dark circle remover. Take on a tablespoon of orange juice and add some glycerin to it. Now apply this juice under your eyes with cotton, wait for ten minutes and wash your face with cold water.

How To Remove Dark Circles With Vitamin Oil?

Vitamin e helps you to remove dark circles and free radicals that are the reason for aging and wrinkles. Before sleep takes one drop of oil on the palm and gently massage it under your eyes. Leave the oil the whole night and rinse it in the morning with warm water.

Coconut Oil Helps You To Get Rid of Dark Circles

Coconut oil is known as an anti-inflammatory substance. It helps you to lighten up your dark circles. Coconut oil prevents your skin from aging wrinkles and fine lines that appear under your eyes. At night rub a little amount of coconut oil under your eyes and leave overnight. Wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning.

Turmeric and Pineapple Paste for Dark Circles

Turmeric is another natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, that will remove or lighten your dark circles. Add one tablespoon of turmeric to pineapple juice and make a thick paste. Apply the paste on dark circles and wait for ten minutes or until it is completely dry. Don’t wash the face with water take a soft cloth and damp it into warm water, clean the paste with it. Try to do this daily.

When You Should Visit the Doctor?

When you feel swelling under one eye, you should visit your doctor and consult her/him about that.

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