How To Remove Nail Polish | Easy Tips

How To Remove Nail Polish

How To Remove Nail Polish?

How to remove nail polish is the biggest question for females when they get bored with old nail paint colors. So, ladies no need to worry about it because in this article we are going to tell you, how you can remove nail paint easily with home ideas. So, let us get started. 

How Rubbing Alcohol Helps You to Remove Nail Polish?

According to Boyce, you can remove nail paint with no expensive liquids just rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. They will remove nail polish easily. Apply them to your nails with a cotton ball or pad for just 10-15 seconds. Quickly your nail polish should come off with clear results.

Get off Nail Polish with Orange Juice and Vinegar

Fruit juice is one of the favorite beverages for all, but do you know it can help you remove nail polish? CEO of Dear Sundays Ling Lin said, to add a few drops of orange juice into white vinegar. You have natural home remedies to get off the nail paint. Dip a cotton ball and gently press it on your nails for about 10s until the nail polish softens. After that pull down the cotton ball and see your clean nails.

Use Lemon to Remove Nail Polish

According to Lin Lin, “rubbing plain lemon on your nail can remove nail polish.” Place one slice of plain lemon on your nail; wait a minute nail polish will be soft. After that, rub slowly and get the nail polish off.

Use Hair Spray to Remove Nail Polish

According to Boyce, Use myth hair spray to get off your old boring nail paint but it should be aerosol hairspray.” Dip a cotton ball in spray and wrap it on your nail, use of spill will be more beneficial for this tactic.” Do not worry if nail polish spills on your carpet just drop a little amount of hair spray on that. It will remove it without discoloring your carpet.

How Does Basic Toothpaste Help You to Scrub Your Polish?

Just one dollop of toothpaste and your all problems are solved. Hold one paper towel or your old toothbrush and scrub toothpaste on your nails. We recommend you white toothpaste because it pulls off the polish color from your nails completely.

Pro tip: Add baking soda to toothpaste and get a natural cleanser.

Choose Correct Products

Never choose such products that have no brand. They can be harmful to your nails. Once you have found a suitable product then use it in the correct way. Dip cotton in nail paint remover and gently scrub on each nail. It will remove nail polish without any harmful effects.

Use New Remove Old

Seems strange when you hear use new, remove old. It means that you have to choose that nail polish, will not dry too quickly. In nail polish, different types of solvents used which dry it. Apply thin nail paint, which does not dry quickly. It will remove your old nail polish when you clean it with a paper towel.

Final Words

Above we shared some ways that you can try at home to remove nail polish.  So, you should try these simple ways at home, and do not forget to tell us in the comments your reviews.

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