Home Remedies for Soft & Beautiful Hands

Soft and beautiful Hands remedies

Home Remedies for Soft and Beautiful Hands
How to Make Your Hands Soft?

How to Make Your Hands Soft and Beautiful with Home Remedies

Do you feel shy when you do handshake with your fellows, because of the rough and dull skin of your hands? Now, be confident to do a handshake because we going to explore how you can get soft and beautiful hands at home. So, let’s get started.

As you know we use hands in almost all physical activities, including household duties. The skin gets dry and rough and peels because of doing work with hands. Daily exposure to chemicals and hard work leads to the wearing of the upper layer of the skin and makes the skin swollen.

The most common features of neglected skin are peeling and roughness. These all factors if not cared for; can cause wrinkles and makes your skin loose. Hard and dry skin is also a sign of hot and humid conditions. So, there are some methods to get beautiful and soft hands naturally.

Use of Hand Soap for White and Soft Hands


It is necessary, that you should keep your hands clean. Wash them with soap or a hand sanitizer. Always prefer soaps and sanitizers that are chemicals free. We recommend natural products if you have sensitive skin, because products that have harsh chemicals may damage your skin. 

Use Olive Oil and Brown Sugar for Soft Hands

Use Olive Oil and Brown Sugar for Soft Hands

The best tonic for the skin is olive oil which is used mostly by girls, who have soft hands. Take half a teaspoon of olive oil and add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar. Mix it well until all sugar dissolves in the olive oil. Then apply it to hands for 3 minutes.

Olive oil: It contains vitamins and antioxidants which help in reducing aging.

Brown sugar: It helps to remove and exfoliate the dead cells and helps to reinforce soft hands.

Use Egg Yolk for Beautiful Hands

Use Egg Yolk for Beautiful Hands

One of the oldest and most cheap techniques for glowing skin is to apply an egg yolk mask. Egg yolk is a great binding agent to avoid the loss of moisture and nutrient which have water-binding capacity. So, in this way, they help to keep the nutrients for proper absorption into skin follicles.

Zinc and vitamin B12 help your skin to stay ageless. The albumin in egg yolk contains protein that helps in tightening pores and remove extra oil. Take egg white and apply on hands for 10 minutes. Wash it to have clean and white skin.

Use Honey and Almond Oil for White and Soft Hands

Use Honey and Almond Oil for White Hands

Honey and almond oils are used in cosmetic surgery. They both have familiar properties for anti-aging. They both contain a huge amount of anti-oxidant. Mix 1 tablespoon of almond oil and honey. Make them saturated and then apply them to the hand skin for good 15 minutes. Its antioxidant properties help to heal the cells and make your hand moist. It helps to regain white skin which is damaged due to exfoliation.

Use of Moisturizes Can Make Your Hands Beautiful

Moisturizers are essential for skin treatments. They help to maintain the moisture of skin cells, which helps skin cells work properly and increases the glow of the skin. Apply moisturizers when the skin is moist. Only moisturizers are not beneficial to the skin it must have these 3 ingredients as well.

Humectants: These include ingredients that draw water into the skin e.g. glycerin and urea.

Occlusive: It includes ingredients that hold water in the skin e.g. butter and petroleum jelly.

Emollients: It includes ingredients that help to soften the skin e.g., jojoba oil and castor oil.

Make Your Hands Beautiful With Gloves

Gloves can prevent your hand by excessive removal of natural oil which helps to enhance the beauty of your hand. If your hands are immersed in the water due to washing dishes then it provides relief as well as beauty to your hands. 

Get Soft Hands With Sun-block 

Get soft hands with sunblock

Ask your doctor which sunblock is suitable for your skin. It plays a vital role in preventing ultraviolet light directly to your skin. This light damages the skin cells. So, by applying UV lotions we enhance the beauty of our hands.

How Moisturizers Make Your Hands Soft

It is a widely adopted method in which we use moisturizers mainly at night for beautiful hands. When we apply moisturizers and cover them with some loosely fitted gloves then it helps to keep the moisture intact. It allows moisture to fully absorb into the skin. 

Use Exfoliating Scrub for Whitening the Hand

Exfoliate is a technique in which we use mostly chemicals that can peel off the dead layer of cells from the outer covering of the hand and remove the dead cell. In this way, a dead layer of the cell is removed and the skin becomes white.

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