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Benefits of Banana | Are Bananas Good for You?

benefits of bananas

Health benefits of Banana

As you know, natural fruits have many health benefits. However, bananas are known as an extremely healthy snack when you think to get your body perfect because it is packed with lots of nutrients and vitamins. However, do you ever think that your body may be affected when you eat bananas every day? Scroll down more to know the reason for what happens when you add more bananas to your everyday diet.

However, according to research, your habit of eating bananas daily has various health benefits. Such as your skin getting brighter, it helps you to lose weight  and many more.

According to experts, overboard can be harmful to your body so, remember to get smaller plates daily. 1-3 bananas per day are enough for your daily needs. Are you a lover of eating bananas more than 1-3? You should know these side effects before eating healthy bananas every day.

More Weight Loss While Adding Bananas in Diet

Eating bananas regularly can increase your weight loss ratio. This can be beneficial for you. The amount of fiber and proteins in bananas make you fuller for a long time and you need no snack. That is why you should eat them in fewer or recommended amount.

Sleep Well | Eat Banana

An amino acid tryptophan is found in bananas which could be the reason for sleep. Experts recommend, eating bananas at the end of the day is better for you to get pleasurable sleep. Because magnesium and potassium both are present in bananas, which are the best muscle relaxants nutrients.

Eat Bananas | Improve Your Memory Power

improve-memory with banana

Hmm…! Strange, now the question is in your mind how can you increase memory power while eating bananas? Yes, it is true you can increase your memory power just by eating bananas. According to BBC, the amount of vitamin B in bananas improves your memory functions.  Your brain gets more power and energy to perform better. In studies, it is mentioned that if the students eat 1-3 bananas before an exam or study he/she can perform better.

Banana Combat With Cancer Cells

Banana Combat With Cancer Cells

You can keep safe yourself from killing disease cancer by just eating bananas regularly. A cancer-killing substance present in too-ripe bananas (Tumor necrosis factor). This substance comes into being when the bananas change their color into darker shades. It fights abnormal cells and cancerous cells in your body.

Control Your Blood Pressure | Add Bananas in Your Diet

Control Your Blood Pressure | Add Bananas in Your Diet

According to the American heart association, eating more potassium-rich foods instead of salt and sodium-rich foods can lower blood pressure. The tautness in your cardiovascular system reduces with potassium-rich foods and lower blood pressure. Many nutritionists recommend people eat a banana because it provides almost 9% of their daily potassium needs.

Get Rid of Asthma

Get Rid of Asthma

In 2007, one study revealed that if children eat bananas it could prevent them from wheezing/ asthma. The reason behind eating bananas is that a rich amount of potassium and antioxidants is present in them.

When you add bananas to your diet, you can get many other health benefits such as:

  • Bananas can lower the risk of diabetes.
  • You can Improve your digestive health by eating bananas.
  • Fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants in bananas can improve your heart health.
  • Eating bananas makes your mood fresh and happy because of the rich amount of amino acids in them, which regulate your mood.
  • Bananas help you to remove irritation and harmful acids from your stomach.
  • It can help your immune system to work in a better way.
  • Depression can be decreased when you use consume bananas according to recommendations.
  • Bananas can improve your vision.
  • Males can improve their sexual performance while eating bananas.

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