Weight Loss by Fasting | Reduce Weight in Ramadan

Weight Loss by Fasting | Reduce Weight in Ramadan​

Weight loss by fasting | Weight loss in Ramadan

Weight Loss by Fasting During Ramadan

During Ramadan, everyone starts net-surfing to know like, about weight loss by fasting, how to reduce weight in Ramadan, and what kind of foods should be taken during Ramadan, etc.  Ramadan is a blessed month for muslims and also a chance to make a schedule for your meals. A meal schedule helps you to control your diet to lose weight. Ramadan is a good chance to boost your immune system. For the sake of ALLAH, you sacrifice your desires in ramadan, but do you know fasting has incredible benefits for your health?

Health Benefits of Fasting 

    Fasting is very beneficial for health. Modern research shows that if a person goes through fasting once a year, he/she will stay healthy compared to those who do not fast. There are numerous benefits like weight loss, healthy liver function, less chance of inflammation, physical fitness improvement, improvement in cognitive performance, and a decrease in the chances of metabolic disease.

Fasting also has many other potential health benefits such as improving heart health, brain functionality boosts, cancer prevention, and maintaining your blood pressure.

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In this article, we are going to share 9 amazing tips that will help you to lose weight by fasting during Ramadan

  1. Stay hydrated during ramadan and reduce weight.
  2. In suhoor eat healthy foods that help you to lose weight.
  3. Break your fast slowly at iftar may reduce your weight.
  4. Limit salt and sugar intake to reduce your weight.
  5. Reduce weight by limiting processed foods.
  6. Digestible food and exercise can reduce your weight.
  7. Spending more time in prayer during fasting helps in weight loss.
  8. Minimize your stress with relaxation strategies and reduce weight.
  9. During ramadan try to adopt good habits for weight loss.

Stay Hydrated During Ramadan and Reduce Weight

Intake of more water is the most important factor that helps you to lose weight without any diet plan or activity. If you drink at least eight glasses of water per day it prevents dehydration. According to the Islamic lunar calendar, each year, ramadan occurs on different dates. During hot weather, if you don’t take enough water, it may cause dehydration which leads to numerous health issues.

During Ramadan, you should drink at least 1 liter of water in suhoor, and 1 liter when you break your fast at Iftar. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages, calorie drinks, chill water, etc.

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Eat Healthy Foods During Ramadan To Stay Healthy and Lose Weight

In suhoor, you should take a healthy and balanced diet such as fruits, vegetables, and, whole grains instead of unhealthy food. Unhealthy food makes you hungrier and you will feel hungry during your fasting, resultantly, your body feels weak. The best foods that you should eat at suhoor are oats, eggs, cereals, yogurt, whole grains, bread, fruit, and nuts because these foods are slowly releasing and falling. These healthy foods provide you with all the nutrients that your body needs all day.

Ramadan is a chance to keep you away from an unhealthy diet. So, make your plan for a healthy meal during ramadan that will keep you fit and healthy with fewer chances of obesity. Your right decisions for mealtimes during ramadan keep you healthy and fit, and no chances of negative effects on your body.

At the time of Iftar, eat high-fiber dates that are rich in natural sugar, because your body lost a lot of energy during the hours of fasting. Dates are rich in magnesium and proteins and high in nutrition. During Iftar, avoid drinking cold drinks, coffee, and other junk foods that may harm your stomach. Prefer foods that are easily digestible such as soups, salads, etc.

Control Your Salt and Sugar Intake To Reduce Your Weight

Many dietitians say that if you restrict dietary salt: you can increase the chances of weight loss. The foods that are packed in canned, spicy food, and salted snacks increase fats and also increase your thirst during the day. In ramadan, some dishes can be challenging to resist such as sweet delights and dishes. Sometimes, Instead of losing weight, you increase your fats because of sweet dishes made of processed sugar.

Why do you feel hungry sooner during Ramadan?

The answer is sweet dishes because when you eat any sugary foods, your body metabolizes, and breaks them quicker, as a result, you feel hungry sooner. Fruits, dried fruits, and honey are natural foods that contain natural sugar which keeps you full the whole day.

Lose Weight by Avoiding Processed Food

Processed foods have a high amount of salt, fat, and sugar which is not part of a healthy diet. Many dietitians said that processed foods make you fattier as compared to consuming unprocessed food.

During Ramadan replace all processed food with that food that seems healthy for you such as:

  • Drink more water instead of sugary drinks.
  • Keep processed foods away from your home.
  • Fill your Iftar and suhoor table with vegetables, fruits, and with healthy food instead of unhealthy food.
  • Cook your meal at your home.
  • Stock your kitchen with nuts, fruits, carrots, and whole-grain in ramadan.

Highly Processed Foods Such As:

  • Sugary drinks  
  • Candies and chocolates
  • Frozen desserts and ice cream
  • Junk food such as pizza, burgers, and french fries
  • Cakes, buns, and muffins are bakery products
  • Sausages and deli meats

Digestible Food and Exercise Can Reduce Your Weight

Do you think that only exercise makes you fit and healthy not at all? In ramadan make a healthy diet plan for your Iftar and suhoor and try to keep fit. Prefer digestible food do work out before suhoor and walk for 30-40 minutes after Iftar will help you to digest foods quickly and make you fit.

When you do work out drink plenty of water it fulfills the whole day’s water needs that you missed while fasting. Working out that you do at suhoor time in ramadan helps you to burn your body fat more quickly.

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Spend More Time in Prayer During Fasting Helps in Weight Loss

Ramadan is a holy month for all Muslims in the world so it makes sense you have to spend more time reciting Holy Quran and prayer. Prayer is the best way to keep your mind relaxed and keeps you away from unusual thinking and stress which is the reason for obesity. You should turn your thoughts to prayer when your mind starts thinking about food. Recitation of the Holy Quran helps you to remember why you are celebrating ramadan.

Minimize Your Stress With Relaxation Strategies and Lose Weight

Cortisol hormone is released when you are in a stressed condition which makes you hungrier and as a result, you eat surgery, and high-fat foods. The Cortisol hormone-releasing chances increase when you feel stress in a fasting condition which can be the reason for obesity. Find out some relaxing strategies such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, or some other hobbies which makes you happy and release stress.

  • Try coloring.
  • Go for a walk where nature shows its beauty.
  • Read your favorite books.
  • Meet and spend time with your friends.
  • Listen to Holy Quran recitation during Ramadan.
  • Snuggle with your family.

During Ramadan Try To Adopt Good Habits for Weight Loss

Ramadan is a month of good deeds and noble acts for every muslim and it built the habit of sadaqah and makes you able to help poor people as much as possible. During fasting, you control your craving for food throughout the day.

During Ramadan, you should spend more time helping the poor and spreading positivity which makes you happy and release your stress. As a result, you will feel happy, according to dietitians when you feel happy your body burns a lot of calories if you are fat. Eat healthy foods during Ramadan to stay healthy and lose weight.

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