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Char Magaz: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Char Magaz Benefits and composition

Char Magaz: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Indeed, char magaz seeds (variant name chaar maghaz चारो मगज) are a miracle food for you. The exceptional taste and nutritional values of these tiny seeds make them different from all dry fruits and seeds. In this article, we are going to explore all about char magaz seeds and their benefits for males and females. So, let us dive into it with no delay.

Health Benefits of Char Magaz Seeds

There are enormous health benefits of chaar magaz. Below are the few benefits that we will consider in this article.

  • Chaar magaz improves your brain function
  • It improves skin health
  • Promote cardiac function
  • Reduce memory loss problems
  • Magaz seeds help weight gain
  • Sexual health and magaz seeds

Apart from health benefits, you can use them to prepare many sweet dishes, snacks, sherbet, and healthy drinks for summer and winter.

What Is the Meaning of Char Magaz or Chaar Maghaz?

Chaar magaz, as shown in its name it is one kind of blend of four brain-boosting seeds. There are four types of seeds included in char magaz: cucumber seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and watermelon seeds. Chaar magaz provides you with surprising health benefits because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and proteins.

Nutrition Facts of Char Magaz(चारो मगज)

The nutritional wonders of magaz seeds are enough to get health benefits. Magaz seeds are high in Vitamins B such as pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and thiamine. Copper, calcium, and magnesium are also present in char magaz.

Benefits of Char Magaz for Brain

Benefits of Char Magaz for Brain

In the olden days, char magaz was used to improve brain functions and memory. In these seeds, antioxidants are in a high amount that is important to improve an individual’s memory, alertness, calmness, concentration, and focus. In some studies, it has been proved that the people who consume magaz seeds powder regularly have active minds. They have better memory, cognitive abilities, problem solver, and reasoning.

These are also beneficial for your children. You can make pudding, cake, and biscuits for them with char magaz. At an early age, they need proteins rich foods for brain development. These seeds are a complete protein pack.

Is Char Majaz Beneficial for the Skin?

A potent antioxidant in char magaz kicks off the damage radicals in your skin and makes your skin healthier. Oils of the char magaz prevent your skin from wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and crow’s feet. Lower the risk of skin cancer and keeps your skin hydrated. You can make a face pack with char magaz seeds to get shiny and glowing skin at home. Take one tablespoon of rose water and add some powder of char magaz. Mix them well and apply the paste on your face to get glowing skin.

Magaz Seeds and Heart Problems

Exceptionally magaz seeds are most effective to treat heart ailments. These seeds keep lipids from accumulating and make your heart muscles strong. They reduce the risk of heart attacks, blood clotting, and many other cardiovascular problems due to the presence of bioactive constituents. It also reduces the cholesterol levels in your blood.

Are Char Magaz Beneficial For Hairs?

Yes, these are also beneficial for your hair. They help to stop hair fall, make your hair strong, and help to regrow your hair. This is only because of proteins that are present in char magaz. Some proteins beneficial for your hair such as glutamic acid, lysine, and arginine. These proteins are only present in magaz seeds. Char magaz oil is easily absorbed in the scalp and makes your hair strong.

Magaz Seeds and Weight Gain

Do you want to gain weight at home? then it is good news for you to gain weight with char magaz (चारो मगज). We suggest you take a special dish of magaz seeds. In magaz seeds, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, calories, and all other minerals are present that help you to gain weight. It helps you to remove weakness and will gain weight.

Sexual Health and Magaz Seeds

You need to take amino acid named arginine to increase your sexual power. The formation of sperm can be good because of the presence of lycopene in char magaz.

Treat Diabetes Eat Magaz Seeds

These seeds help you to lower the sugar in your blood. Just take two tablespoons of magaz seeds and take one liter of water. Turn on the flame, mix the magaz seeds and water, and boil for one hour on low flame. When one cup of water remains strains that and drinks the same as tea sip by sip.

Side Effects of Magaz Seeds

Side effects of char magaz

Never consume chaar magaz seeds in excess amounts it can be harmful to you. It may cause kidney, stomach, and many other infections. Magaz seeds consists of four types of seeds such as pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon, and rock melon. 

Excessive use of chaar magaz may cause side effects that include:

  • They can lead to liver diseases.
  • May heat up your stomach.
  • They can be the reason for dizziness.
  • You can face skin allergy problems if you take an excessive dose
  • Increase the risk of heart attack.

We recommend you use seeds in the desired quantity or according to your doctor/dietitian’s advice to avoid the side effects of magaz seeds (चारो मगज).

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