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How To Improve Memory

How to improve Memory Power

How To Improve Memory?

How To Improve Memory?

In this blog, we will scrutinize the possible ways how to improve memory, how much it takes to enhance your brainstorming, and how much luxury you can enjoy by grasping this aptitude. So, let us dive in to find out how to improve memory.

What Are the Ways To Boost Memory?

Have you ever felt frustrated by forgetting some important day-to-day matters? Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma of not recollecting where you put your car keys? It is natural that when life gets busier, you find yourself battling with your memory functions. You would wish that if you were bestowed with striking memory powers, life would be so easier for you. If you ever felt like this, then you have come to the right place. We will guide you on how to overcome this agonizing state by honing your learning abilities to improve your memory.

How to improve memory is a question that covers a wide domain of measures to boost memory. As science and technology are making advances in this era rapidly, humans have been utilizing resources. Such as, setting up reminder settings on their phones, putting up a regular day-to-do list on their phone’s notepad, or sometimes, even friends can remind them by texting over the phone. Besides all these facilities, certain limitations do exist when you want all these bits of information to be converted to long-term memory. Here, you will feel a desire to improve memory by any means whether by doing brain exercises or undergoing brainteaser activities.

What Factors Play Role in Memory Loss?

Aging is a phenomenon that comes with many unwelcoming health conditions, and among them, memory loss is considered at the top of the list.  You may have noticed that aged members of your home might struggle to even remember your names.

In this modern-day era, scientists have been practicing numerous experiments to explore resources to boost memory functions to counter the problems faced by aged people. They believe that certain areas of the brain, when to get stimulated by rightful mechanisms, play a tremendous role in improving memory powers. This technique, namely neuroplasticity has been making wonders all over the world.  As of now, it has been possible to deal even with old-age-related issues of how to improve memory.

Then genetics issues come. If a person were born with congenital mental defects like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, then the most common presenting complaint would be memory loss. Adopting certain lifestyles or eating unhealthy meals (a diet low in vitamins, alcohol abuse, etc.) could also boost memory capabilities.

However, in this article, we will analyze the ways to counter the factors by which memory is being affected. So, sit tight before we indulge in this fascinating and important topic of how to improve memory.

What Are Some Facts About Human Memory?

Before we dive into the strategies to boost memory by adopting brainteasers activities. Some interesting facts about human memory should be narrated here. Human memory can be defined as a potential brain functioning by which you can remember essential facts about a particular process, preserve it, recollect it at the right moment, and then make use of that information to execute daily life activities.

Depending on the time lapse, memory can be of two types, short-term memory (lasting for a few seconds to minutes), and long-term memory (remaining for years). We can also categorize declarative and non-declarative memories in this list. The former denotes memorizing data in a well-conscious state (like learning a phone number). On the other hand, performing your daily life routine in an un-vigilant state of mind will refer to non-declarative memory (like brushing your teeth). In the quest for how to improve memory (both types of memories), a person should adopt a healthy lifestyle and do brainteasers in this regard.

Whatever type of memory it is, these memories are generated through interlinked series of excitation of neurons within the central nervous system. The information is first converted to the storage form by encoding, which is done by inciting changes between the connections of neurons called synapses. The greater the strength of these connections would get, the stronger will be your memory, and you will be more likely to improve your memory.

What Are the Tips To Boost Memory Powers?

You may have often heard someone saying that you cannot make an old man memorize new methods or you cannot rely on aged members of the family when it comes to recollecting the missed items. Well, this scenario is not always true. Your brain is capable of learning new things even in the later stages of your life. Are you curious now about how to increase memory powers? We will teach you some interesting and healthy tips on how to boost memory.

Specify Some Time for Physical Exercise

Physical exercise shares an equal significance in making your brain function properly as mental exercises. Whenever you spill your sweat in an activity or some vigorous exercise, it improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood. It also ensures an increased oxygenated blood supply to your brain, helping boost memory power, brain functioning, and focusing abilities.

Always try to engage yourself in those training activities that demand your brain-eye coordination. It is one of the healthy and quickest ways to enhance memory capacity. 

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, “a healthy person should specify at least 150 minutes per week for mild aerobic activities.”  A healthy person should walk 75 minutes per week for rigorous exercises like jogging, running, etc.

Become a Socially Interactive Person Help You To Improve Memory Power

Socializing is another key factor to fend off depression, negative thoughts, and anxiety disorders. It paves a way to keep your mind healthy and your power of memorizing enhanced. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have found that those individuals are connected with their family members and friends, and keep a positive relationship with them. 

They are less likely to confront mental decline, especially in old age. Moreover, keeping pets and taking care of them is another possible strategy of how to improve memory skills.

We, humans, are called social animals that contain the necessity to live among our loved ones and be surrounded by them. Whenever any attempt is made to socially boycott a person would end up being a lunatic individual with mental problems. Thereby, always seek to acquire opportunities to make new friends.  As it is not necessary for your emotional attachment but also for your brain health, thereby, helping boost memory capacity.

Manage To Relieve Your Stress | Improve Your Memory Power

Stress and anxiety are considered malicious threats to your mental and physical health. It drains your brain’s ability to focus on an important task and ends up making you a dementia patient. The area of the brain that is regarded as the main source of maintaining your long-term memory alive is called the hippocampus and is the main target of stress disorders. What are the measures that you can adopt to manage stress? Here is a list below:

  •  Always try to express your problem with your near one.
  •   Instead of multitasking, try to do one job.
  •   Take a short break from work.
  • Improve memory skills by recreating your happy moments with your family.

Can Adequate Sleep Help You To Boost Your Memory?

Yes! It is true more sleep that is adequate can boost your brain functions and enhance your memory power. Have you ever made desired that the new thing or skills you have learned become permanent in your memory? If yes, then here is a simple tip for you to make it happen.  Try to take a nap immediately after you learn a new thing.  It would not only aid in boosting memory but would also be engraved in your mind forever.

Sleep and memory power shares an important connection, as taking adequate sleep is a brilliant way to increase memory. It consolidates short-term memories into long-term memories. Health professionals recommend taking 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily for optimal health to enhance memory powers.

Visualize the information to boost your memory

If you have a habit of making a visual image of the concepts, you learn. This is a treat for you to know how to improve memory powers and brain functioning. Similarly, making charts, diagrams, or any highlighted notes close to the text you find useful can also do the job of brainteasers. These kinds of activities greatly benefit your mind to improve memory storage.

How To Improve Your Memory Through Diet?

Merely training hard and undergoing vigorous exercise should not be considered the strategies that could refine the mental health status of an individual. Including a healthy diet in the fitness plan is regarded as highly essential.  Maintaining a balanced body weight with a healthy diet is also essential for normal brain functioning and boosting memory powers. As obesity is the major factor to cause insulin resistance and inflammatory processes that hamper the brain’s normal functioning.

Avoid Sugar in Food Enhance Memory Powers

Among the list of numerous factors that lead to cognitive decline, too much sugar attains the utmost importance. Increased blood glucose levels are associated with a decrease in the brain volume in memory-storage parts of the brain, hence causing mental health disorders. Thereby, if you want to know how to improve memory, Then it is always advisable to avoid too much sugar in your diet.

Eat Healthy Fats To Increase your Memory

Omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon, sardines, and other non-fish sources can increase your memory. Such as kidney beans, spinach, and broccoli are considered healthy fats for increasing your brain memory functioning.

Drinking Green Tea and Taking Vitamin-D

Green tea is a wonder tonic to counter your age-related memory defects as it contains anti-oxidants. Green tea antioxidants prevent the piling up of free radicals that could damage brain cells. Low levels of vitamin D are not only associated with bone defects but can also alter cognitive functions and memory processes. Hence, healthcare professionals would advise you to consume a sufficient amount of vitamin D along with taking regular sunbaths.  This will assist you to achieve enhanced memory skills.

Moderate Alcohol Intake for Enhanced Memory Powers

Excessive alcohol consumption by chronic drinkers or binge in-takers is regarded as neurotoxic for mental health. However, moderate doses of alcohol, especially during meditation are a therapy to counter memory loss and improve memory skills. Although, meditation is therapeutic for normal cognitive functioning. Alcohol rich in resveratrol like red wine can boost memory, and brain working, and decline the chance of dementia.

How Can You Boost Your Brain Functioning?

Your brain is capable of doing a myriad of wonders that you cannot even imagine. All the glory that has been attained today by humanity in the field of medicine, science, technology, architecture, fine arts, etc. without any doubt is accredited to brainstorming. Do you also want to do something remarkable in your life? Here are a few tips that may help in boosting your brain functions along with improving memory.

Exercises for Brain

Your brain is not only responsible for keeping your memories alive. It is constant in governing your daily life activities. If it were not because of your brain, you would find it nearly impossible to drink a glass of water of your own. Thereby, it is a matter of utmost significance to keep your brain healthy and active by adopting certain brainteaser exercises. 

These brainteaser exercises will not only help in enhancing your brain’s capacity for memory storage. These will also aid in making you keen, vigilant, and focused in your daily life activities. So, let us find out which exercises are recommended by professional doctors.

Doing Brainstorming With Brainteasers

Brainteasers are considered brain games that allow your mind to complete a recreational task by using your sense of creativity, focusing your attention, and finding a logical reason to solve the puzzle. These may be available as puzzle games or board games and are highly recommended by healthcare professionals to increase your brain’s cognitive abilities and improve memory. If you want to focus on the learning of a toddler, arrange some Montessori material that include toys for brain development and Montessori puzzles. 

When you take, a close look at 100 different pieces placed haphazardly that need to be arranged within a short duration of time. You are not only allowing your brain to function promptly, but also strengthening your visual pathway as well. It is considered a way to challenge your brain’s work. It can be regarded as one of the finest ways to improve memory.

Increasing Your Vocabulary Helps You To Improve Your Memory

Learning a new word daily and then, using it in an everyday sentence is another way to boost memory and brain functioning. You should keep a handy notebook by your side all the time and try to memorize your noted words at intervals. The significance of keeping a notebook lies in the fact that learning by building a visual memory is one of the best ways to grasp a new flavor of your vocabulary. 

According to recent studies, “those parts of the brain are involved in the brainteaser act of building vocabulary that is responsible for maintaining auditory and visual processes.”

Roll Your Sleeves To Dance and Increase Your Memory

According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, whenever your brain engages itself in learning a new dance move and then reciprocates it. It helps in magnifying the brain’s power of learning, cognitive abilities, and concentration process, and intensifies the memory storage process. 

Therefore, it should be considered a healthy activity how to improve memory by registering yourself for salsa or Zumba class. If you are an introverted person, that still should not hamper you from joining dance classes; you can watch an online video and get to the task.

Make a Good Taste for Music

If you were a music lover, your brain would love it too. Because listening to happy genre music would aid in generating innovative ideas in your mind. You will also feel energetic and refreshed after listening to your favorite parts of the songs.  Want to know what is more on the table if you are a music lover? Make an effort to play music. It reinforces your brain’s ability to learn a new skill. One thing that should be kept in mind is that do not consider yourself too old to do the things you love.

Learning a New Skill To Boost Memory

Memory loss and weakened brain functioning are matters of no surprise when found in an aging person. It is because aging is associated with depressed brain abilities. That is the reason why aging is considered so frightful among older individuals. However, this unwelcoming state can be tackled if you make a habit of learning a new and productive skill every day. If you have any longing, you want to do a particular thing but could not during your entire life. Now is there a chance and you should grab it without wasting any more time. This would not only help in living your life at its utmost pleasure.

It also paves the way to keep your brain healthy and active enough to improve memory. Passing on any sort of useful information from generation to generation is an act of virtue. Hence, if you have comprehended a new skill, try to pass it on to another person. This would also help in boosting your brain’s memory skills.

Learning a New Language

While talking about mastering a new skill, acquiring proficiency in learning a new language equally holds the importance of an essential brainteaser activity in regards to boosting your brain functions and improving memory. You will certainly notice positive changes in your personality after being bilingual as it sharpens your mind when you switch from one language to another. It can also slow down age-related mental problems, and help you to attain superior levels of creativity.

The Bottom Line on How To Improve Memory

Strategies adopted to achieve the ultimate goal of how to improve memory are not parts of vigorous training. Rather, it seems to be an interesting activity that makes your mind adopts various innovative ideas and themes. However, sometimes you cannot tackle cognitive impairment on your own and you have to seek medical attention immediately.

For example, experiencing memory loss along with fits and convulsions could be worrisome and demands medical urgency urgently. Thereby, in addition to activities that you adopt of your own to increase memory, you can take advice from your doctor too.

Dr. Muhammad Muaaz Ahmad from KEM University Pakistan. A medical and healthcare writer having experience of about 2 years in freelance medical field.  Being a skilled and experienced medical professional, articles related to medical sciences as well as other specialties are presented as composed, well-oriented and comprehensive ones.


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