Benefits of Chocolate | Dark & Milk Chocolates

Benefits of chocolate

Benefits of Chocolate | Dark Chocolates and Milk Chocolates

How Chocolate is Good for Mood | Benefits of Chocolate

If you are looking for some positive reasons to eat chocolate then you are at the right place. In this article, we will reveal the benefits of chocolate. How chocolates are good for mood? How much chocolate you should eat?  Which chocolate types help you to uplift your mood? What are the benefits of dark & white chocolates? So, let us dive into it. 

You may have heard many disadvantages of eating chocolates and sweets. “Hey your teeth will get cavities” or “you will get heart disease by eating too many chocolates.” Guess what there is more to the picture; are notable advantages.

Chocolates are made from the cocoa pods that grow on the cocoa tree. Theobroma cacao is a plant that has thrived in the jungles of Central America for many years. Latin American criollo, African forastero, and Caribbean trinitarian are its three main varieties of cocoa beans. About 90% of all cocoa beans are forastero. The remaining 10% are criollo and trinitarian.

Chocolates come in different varieties with many health benefits. Whether you are an adult or a child, even looking at the sight of chocolate can lift your mood. If you are a fan of sweets but guilty of eating them, then do not worry anymore! We are here with some mind-blowing facts about your favorite snack.

Facts About Chocolate

Chocolates whether they are filled with nuts, wafers, or jellies are always munchable. Chocolate can have a positive impact on your mood. There are almost 300 naturally occurring compounds present in it. Some of them have much impact on the human brain by releasing neurotransmitters. These chemical reactions resemble the emotions we experience when we are joyful. These positive emotions are produced by chocolate in our brains.

Anandamide, which is produced when we eat chocolate, stimulates the release of dopamine. Another neurotransmitter that makes you feel good is dopamine. Finally, endorphins, which make us joyful and reduce tension and discomfort, are released into the brain when we eat chocolate. 

Types of chocolate may vary and with the variation, their benefits may differ as well.

The Two Most Known Types of Chocolate Are

  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate

Both these types of chocolate are very famous because of their benefits and taste. Among children and adults, dark and white chocolates have made the place a favorite food.

Which Type of Chocolate is Better for a Good Mood?

According to many studies, dark chocolates are top on the list that make your mood good. The other name of dark chocolate is joy stimulant. Like dark chocolate, white chocolate also helps your body to remove toxins. The removal of toxins from the body makes you healthy and helps you to stay happy.

Milk Chocolate and Its Benefits

Yes, milk chocolate helps you to uplift your mood as the best source of toxins removal. The majority of the health benefits that milk offers are found in milk chocolate, which is not surprising. Iron, calcium, and zinc are abundant because milk is a crucial component in its manufacture. The only negative aspect will be the decreased cocoa content.

Because there is less cocoa in it, you might not get the same dopamine effects from eating it. Considering that, it is the main flavor of this specific snack. The majority of the benefits of being in a good mood come from it. To offset the inherently bitter aftertaste of cocoa, milk chocolate has a significant amount of added sugar. Clearly, sugar is harmful to your health. Consequently, if you consume it in excess, you risk developing health issues.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate | Mood Changer

In cocoa, there are significant amounts of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and phosphorus. Your body uses these minerals to support a number of processes, including immunity (zinc), bone and tooth health (phosphorus), restful sleep without stress, and an important ingredient for relaxation (magnesium).

As there is about 50 to 90 percent cocoa present in dark chocolates so they are more beneficial to make your mood good. While 70% amount of cocoa is considered healthy. The increased amount of cocoa means less sugar. That means better benefits and less chance to catch diabetes or heart disease.

There are many other benefits of dark chocolates than just making your mood good. Here are some detailed facts about your favorite snack.

Good Memory and Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate boosts memory and reduces stress. Researchers say that eating dark chocolates can alter brain wave frequencies, improve memory, and reduce stress. Most people with a sweet tooth know that dark chocolate is best for a healthy snack. It helps to improve mental fatigue and enhance memory.
It is very good while preparing for an examination. Next time munch on your favorite snack and memorize the lesson. It will surely lift your mood as well.

Lowers Blood Pressure With the Help of Chocolates

The research was held which included 1106 individuals in 24 chocolate experiments. Dark chocolate, defined as chocolate having at least 50% to 70% cocoa, was found to dramatically lower blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. Next time when you see, a person with blood pressure make sure to bring them their specific treatment.

Are Chocolates Beneficial in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings enough anxiety and stressors to worry about it.  In 2016, two groups of pregnant women were researched. Participants consumed 30 grams of chocolate daily for 12 weeks. Both, the group consuming low-flavone chocolate and the group consuming high-flavone chocolate showed increased fetal blood flow on ultrasound scans.

Can Chocolate Protect You From Dehydration?

You can eat one slice of dark organic chocolate every day. Cacao promotes blood flow to the microscopic skin capillaries in the top layer of the skin, absorbing oxygen and nutrients to help protect the skin from dryness and burns.

Chocolate Prevents You From Possible Heart Disease

As we mention above dark chocolate contains more cocoa than other delicious chocolate products. It has higher levels of flavonoids and is much more likely to protect against heart disease. To get the most out of adding chocolate to your diet to lower your cholesterol levels, choose products high in the least processed cocoa, which lowers flavonoid levels.

When You Should Eat Chocolate to Get Its All Benefits?

There is no time to eat your favorite snack. Life is too short to keep that chocolate bar in the fridge right? However, remember everything is suitable within the limits only. It might have many good effects on your health but eating it in bulk may cause serious health issues as well.

So, eat chocolate in recommend amount to make your body healthy and meet your friends and family in a good mood. If you feel sadness any time just wrap up the chocolate and eat it, you will be surprised by its results. If you want to avail all benefits of chocolate, you should eat them in moderation.

What Is the Daily-Recommended Quantity of Dark Chocolate?

Experts recommend a dosage of 1 to 2 ounces or 30 to 60 grams. More than that can result in excessive calorie consumption. Added-up calories just mean a higher chance of ailments will befall you.  Nobody wants that for himself or herself for sure.

Now you know how healthy chocolate can prove itself. There is no way anybody is going to stop you from eating it now. Kids can eat anything without caring whether it is healthy for them or not. However, adults have to be careful and watch out for every food they eat. The good news is that chocolates play a significant role in making your mood good. So now you do not have to worry if you should eat chocolates or not!

Bottom Lines on Benefits of Chocolate

As you read above chocolate helps, you to be happy all the time but it also keeps you healthy. Chocolate can lower your blood pressure, maintain your sugar levels, and improves your overall health. Remember, you can get above mention benefits of chocolate when you eat chocolate according to the recommended amount.

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