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Health Benefits of Cherries

Health Benefits of Cherries

Health Benefits of Cherries

Cherries, the small round deep red fruits, are one of the most popular, beloved, and healthiest fruits of all time. They are not only delicious but are loaded and packed with fiber and other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, too, with a very low-calorie count. 

There are several types of cherries depending on the origins and seasons, some are sweet, others are sour in taste; some are small, and some are large. They fall in the category of prunes. People love to eat cherries; some use them to make fresh juices, sometimes used as decoration on cakes or puddings. While sour, cherries are used in cooking.

There are countless health benefits of cherries; we may shed light upon a few of them.

Nutritional benefits of cherries

Cherries are packed with nutritional benefits. With almost no side effects, cherries are an excellent choice for people of all ages and gender. Being the lowest in calories, 57 grams of cherries, which is almost ten cherries, provide 27 calories, which is not even a fraction of one’s daily calorie intake.

The cherries are loaded with fiber, carbs, calcium, iron, manganese, and potassium. 57 grams of cherries consist of 9 grams of carbs, 3.7 mg of potassium, 5% of the daily value of manganese, 1.2 grams of fiber, 0.8% of the daily value of calcium, and 0.8% of the daily value of Iron. Fibre helps keep the digestive system healthy. It fuels the gut bacteria which helps in keeping the bowel movement consistent. Potassium helps in keeping blood pressure stable. It also helps in contracting the muscles.

Apart from other nutrients, cherries are loaded with vitamins. 57 grams of cherries consist of 0.8% of the daily value of Vitamin A and 6.1% of the daily value of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps boost immunity and is an excellent food for the skin.

Hence, cherries in adequate amounts are very important to help the body function properly.

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. 

Cherries have proven to be rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds help in battling oxidative stress which is a cause of many serious illnesses. Being an excellent antioxidant, cherries prevent premature aging. Polyphenols, a group of plant chemicals and carotenoid pigments like beta carotene, found in cherries, are responsible for anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to prevent cell damage, reduce inflammation and heal. Cherries also help in preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancers.

An excellent post-workout food

Cherries are an excellent post-exercise food. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps the muscle recover and relieve post-exercise pain and soreness. It also helps in recovering the strength lost after a tough workout. Though the benefits of cherries are a lot, one needs to consume a huge amount in order to get those benefits.

Cherries improve heart health

Cherries promote and improve heart health. It regulates the blood flow, removes excessive sodium from the body, and helps with the heart rate. This is because of the potassium and polyphenol that are found in the cherries. Potassium is known to be the best friend of our cardiovascular system. An increase in potassium intake lowers the chances of heart attack and stroke. This goes for polyphenols too. They are also known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cherries help improve the sleep cycle

Cherries are known to be rich in melatonin. A substance that improves the sleep cycle in many people. A study shows that a daily intake of cherries improves sleep quality and relaxes the mind.

Cherries help improve bone health and symptoms of arthritis

Studies have proven that the powerful antioxidants in cherries may drastically reduce the symptoms of arthritis. The antioxidants help reduce inflammation in the body by suppressing inflammatory proteins. Cherries tend to lower the symptoms of gout (a type of arthritis) quickly when taken with proper medication. Cherries reduce uric acid in the body, which results in relieving the symptoms of gout.

The Bottom Lines

Cherries are undoubtedly one of the greatest blessings bestowed upon mankind. There are several other benefits of cherries. It is excellent for our health and yet tastes delicious too. In order to benefit from them, one needs to take a considerable amount per day, though.

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