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Remove Ring From Swollen Finger

remove ring from swollen finger with simple tips

Remove Ring From Swollen Finger With Simple Tips

Ouch! Your ring is stuck in your finger. You feel pain to remove your ring from swollen finger. Do not close your browser, scroll down to read the complete guide. We are sharing some easy tips for you to get a ring off from your swollen finger. So, let us get started. 

Why Did the Ring Stick To Your Swollen Finger?

Your ring might be stuck on your finger because of several reasons. Such as, you have worn ring for years. For example, people think it is our engagement or marriage ring, and we cannot get it off. With passaging time, this can be stuck when some changes occur in your body.

Most people like to wear a tight ring but they do not know it can be harmful. Therefore, when you buy any ring, it should be perfect for your finger. One other reason for a tight ring is weight gain. Both males and females face this issue, but mostly it is common among pregnant women. As a result, the size of the finger also expands and the ring can be stuck. So, pregnant women or those women who gain weight should remove the ring before it gets stuck.

How To Remove a Ring From a Finger

Stuck ring cause frustration. Sometimes when the ring is stuck in your finger, it can damage your finger and stop blood circulation. So, be careful when you wear a finger ring. Never wear a ring that is too small for your finger size. The arthritis of joints can be a reason because your body changes over the years. In this disease, your joints get swell, and difficult to remove a ring from your finger.

Try Windex To Get off the Ring

According to the research of the American society for surgery of the hand, try the squirting windex method to get off the ring. It decreases pain and with this method, you can easily remove the ring.

How Lubricants Can Get It off More Quickly

Using lubricants can get finger rings off more easily and quickly. The slippery substance in them helps the ring slide off your finger.

Petroleum jelly: Apply some amount of petroleum jelly on that finger where the ring is stuck. Do not pull it quickly first rub your finger slowly and then try to remove the ring.

Vegetable oil to remove the ring: Take a few drops of vegetable oil and gently massage your finger with it. It will make your ring slippery and you can easily remove the ring.

Liquid dishwashing soap: This is another easy and cheap way to get off the ring from the finger at home. Just go to your kitchen to get some dishwashing soap and apply it to your finger. You can easily get rid of a stuck ring with it.

Butter to remove finger ring: Remove your finger rings with just a little amount of butter. Butter makes your finger slippery and easily removes the ring.

Hand lotion: Use hand lotion to remove a ring from the finger at home without pain. Apply a few drops of hand lotion and get the ring off.

Remove ring with baby oil: With two drops of baby oil, you can get rid of a frustrating finger ring.

Note: If you have not the above lubricants when you want to remove a ring from your finger, you can use some others. Such as cooking spray, shampoo, hair conditioner, coconut oil, shortening, and mineral oil.

Reduce Swelling To Get the Ring Off

To remove swelling, experts suggest mostly one method that is RICE. Now, you are confused about what RICE is. Actually here, the RICE is the rest, ice, compression, and elevation method. It is the most common method that you can use to get off the ring, swelling, and pain.

  • Dip your finger fully in the ice water it reduces the swelling of your finger.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes and see the magic of ice water.
  • After 10 minutes, compress your finger where the ring is stuck.
  • After compression, removes the ring slowly but before that, apply any lubricant on your finger.
  • With patience, you might repeat this process because if you do it in hurry it can harm your finger.

Remove the Ring With the Wrap Method

If any of the above methods do not work, then you should try this one. Harvard Medical School also suggested this method. Cut a little piece of dental floss, string, or ribbon. Wrap your finger with it; it should be above the ring and around the finger. After wrapping, slowly unwrap the ribbon. It should help the ring move up from your finger.

Note: If this method does not work properly, get emergency care.

Cut Your Ring | Get if Off

Visit any jewelers, emergency rooms, and fire departments that have ring cutters. Ask them to cut your ring and save your finger to get damaged.

When You Should Seek Medical Help To Remove the Ring?

Oh no…! Your all attempts to remove the finger ring have failed. Now, it is time to get medical help or emergency help to get it off. Remember when you do not take your finger swelling seriously, it can cause serious issues. Is it not better to remove the ring before you lose your finger?

Must visit any specialist to remove the ring if your finger feels:

  • More pain in your finger.
  • Your finger is getting swollen.
  • Your finger changes its color.
  • If your finger has no feelings.

Wrapping up

A stuck ring can irritate you, but if you have the knowledge and tools, you can remove it easily at home with no discomfort. Use no soap or other thing that can irritate your finger after removing the ring. If you are not sure about how to remove the ring, get the help of medical professionals.

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