Get Rid of Crow’s Feet With 10-Natural Home Remedies

In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of crow’s feet with 10-natural home remedies, What are crow’s feet, Reasons of Crow’s feet, and Crow’s Feet Prevention tips let’s get started.

The first thing that is noticed by people on your face is your eyes. The beauty of your eyes attracts everyone to you.  When wrinkles known start appearing on your face, you lose confidence and your eyes beautiful. Crow’s feet are the fine lines that appear on the outer corner of the eyes. According to some dermatologists crow’s feet add beauty to your face and your smile looks more genuine.

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Get Rid of Crow's Feet With 10- Natural Home Remedies

In the young generation, crow’s feet chance is more because of stress, extra use of the screen, lack of proper diet, and smoking. But if you want to get rid of crow’s feet, you must visit your dermatologist.  Some important steps that you can do at your home before the crow’s feet are, to consume a healthy diet, eat fruits, add some dry fruits to your daily diet, use yogurt, wear sunglasses, and wear special glasses when you use any type of screen.

What Reasons for Crow’s Feet?

Many kinds of wrinkles can appear on your face, around your eyes crow’s feet due to loss of collagen, skin gets thinner and moist. Some factors that can be the cause of their development

Can Aging Be the Reason for Wrinkles?

Yes, aging is the main factor of wrinkles but at an early age; wrinkles are due to many other reasons. Don’t worry if you have crow’s feet in old age because it’s natural but when at an early age you feel the fine lines on your face then you have to get worried about why these lines are appearing.

First of all, visit your dermatologist and consult about them. Second, you have to check your diet and think about whether are happy or not.  Is any type of stress or sadness your part of life or not?


Your whole body and especially your skin can be most affected by smoking because of the harmful chemicals included in tobacco. Keep yourself away from smoking.

Facial Expressions

What your face is saying is the most important part of your life. Stress, happiness, smiling, squinting, scowling, and all other expressions that appear on your face may contribute to the development of wrinkles and crow’s feet. Now it depends on you which expressions you are giving.

Sun Damage

Ultraviolet rays affect your delicate skin more quickly. Your eye skin is more delicate than other body skin. That’s why the little rays of the sun can also damage them. Wear sunglasses when you go out or use any liquid that saves the skin around your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Early aging is due to harmful rays of the sun, and wrinkles and crow’s feet are also the results of sun UV rays. Photo aging is caused by sun damage.

Crow’s Feet Prevention Tips

Some Tips Help You To Remove Crow’s Feet

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be proven the best option to remove the outer wrinkled skin of your face. But use them according to your dermatologist’s suggestions. It can remove wrinkles permanently or reduce them.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one type of soft tissue injected by the dermatologist for the treatment of crow’s feet. Most common dermal tissues that you can use for the treatment of crow’s feet.

  • Juvederm
  • Radiesse
  • Restylane
  • Scupptra
  • Belotero

With the use of small needles, these dermal inject directly into the crow’s feet by a dermatologist. These filers come into the market with different components, and in them, some have high qualities and some have low qualities. Some of them are more permanent and some for a short period.

Note: Don’t inject the fillers themselves, you must visit your healthcare provider and check your skin after that inject the filler which will be perfect for your skin.

Quit Smoking To Reduce the Chances of Crow’s Feet

If you are a smoker stop it immediately because tobacco is the cause of aging and many other health issues. The people who do smoke chance crow’s feet more than the nonsmokers.

Wear Reading Glasses To Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

Use of screens more than needed can be the cause of crow’s feet, with the aging speed your vision also decreases. But you need to keep your eyes wide. Wear reading glasses when you do office work or going to read any small word.

Sunscreen for Crow’s Feet

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about how to get rid of crow’s feet is sunscreen. UV and UVB rays affect the skin more than anything, these harmful rays make your skin thin, and as a result crow’s feet appear. When you go out you must wear at least spy 30 broad-spectrum sunscreens.

10- Home Remedies To Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

Milk for Crow’s Feet

Milk has a lot of benefits for your skin and overall health. Milk is a mixture of skin-friendly substances, such as amino acids, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Nine essential amino acids and six semi-essentials are present in milk, including arginine, glycine, and pralines, which play a vital role in collagen formation. Hydroxylation of praline results in hydroxyproline, which adds up to13% collagen in your body. 

The combination of both substances with praline maintains collagen in your body milk is a rich source of vitamins a and vitamin e which renew your damaged skin tissues. The extra amount of antioxidants in milk fights UV radiation and pollution particles which reduces the chances of tissue damage. You can make your skin fair, soft, and moisturized with milk.

Way to Apply Milk

Dip one piece of a washcloth in the compressed milk and apply it over your eyes and sides of the face. Sit for 15-20 minutes and wash your face with water. You can add honey or almonds in the desired quantity for extra benefits. Add this remedy to your skincare routine.

Egg White Face Mask

Vitamins, minerals, fats, and calcium are rich sources of egg yolk but egg white is superior when you think about proteins and magnesium. For skin health, these minerals look like a gift when you want to remove your fine lines and wrinkles. Egg white directly hits the target tissues without disturbing the gut and circulatory.

Method to do

Take one egg white and beat it until slightly frothy, after washing your face with any soap, apply beaten egg white on your face. When you feel your skin is tightening, again apply some amount of egg white and let it dry. During 10-20 minutes of this mask make sure your muscles remain relaxed. After washing your face with cold water apply any moisturizer. For better and quick results apply this mask to your face twice a week.

Green Tea Face Wash To Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

Green tea is a world-famous tea because of its many health benefits and antioxidant properties. Well-known substance catechins are responsible for the effects of green tea, while flavonoid and myricetin substances are responsible for the bioactivity of tea. When you drink tea and apply the tea to your face both have different effects.

Procedure to do

On a day we recommend you wash your face with green tea several times. If you don’t want to do this dip cotton balls in green tea and place them over your eyes for the crow’s feet removal.  This therapy relaxes your eyes and proves to be the best anti-aging. You can add lemon juice to this therapy because acidic solutions of lemon rapidly activate the phytochemicals, which brew to increase the process of anti-aging.

Aloe Vera To Get Rid of Crow’s Feet / Fine Lines

There is no need for the introduction of aloe vera benefits for health and skin. In this gel, the most moisturizing and hydrating chemicals are present, which gives your skin new life and makes it like born baby’s skin. When you use aloe vera, it is 100% sure that your crow’s feet will be removed permanently. Packs of vitamins, minerals, and plant enzymes are present in this gel that give protection to your skin from oxidative damage. Tissue repair substances like glucomannan and gibberellins are present in the gel.

 Apply the method of aloe vera gel

Cut some part of aloe vera leave and scrap out the pulpy liquid, wash your face, and apply the pulp on your crow’s feet. Wait until completely dry and then wash your face. You can use it as a night mask.

Coconut Oil To Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It enhances your skin’s beauty and the small amount of vitamin e present in the oil but the fatty acids that are present in coconut oil easily absorb this skin-friendly vitamin.

What to do

Massage your eyes areas with coconut oil at night. For complete absorption warm the oil slightly. If you want to get extra skin benefits to adding one or two drops of vitamin E oil.

How Cucumber Helps You To Remove Fine Lines

Cucumber is only the food that has zero nutrition, but it has a small amount of all essential minerals, magnesium, iron, and calcium, as well as, vitamin c and, a. The absorption of cucumber on the skin is easy when it is directly applied to targeted tissues. Cucumber increases collagen production.

How to apply cucumber

Grate or crush one cucumber and extract the juice, dip two cotton balls in the juice and place them on your crow’s feet. Do this in the evening and morning to reduce the crow’s feet for a few weeks.

Can Avocado Reduce Your Crow’s Feet?

Like other fruits, avocado has a lot of health benefits and rich source of vitamins a and c, minerals, magnesium, iron, and, potassium. The moisturizing fats present in avocados absorb vitamins and minerals.


The avocado remedy is using for many centuries for soft and glowing skin; it gives a baby look to your skin. Extract the flesh of avocado fruit, which is full of oil; apply it to your skin for 20-30 minutes. You will see the magic on your skin when you wash your face.

Papaya Can Remove Your Crow’s Feet

The high amount of glycol and enzyme in the papaya keeps safe your skin from damage and regenerates your dead skin cell. Carotene, vitamin c, minerals, magnesium, copper, and potassium are present in papaya.

What to do

Apply some ripe papaya to your whole face. After 10-20 minutes rinse your face. After 2-3 days repeat the same process and get off your crow’s feet forever.

Yes, Yogurt Can Reduce Crow’s Feet

Yogurt is a rich source of lactic acid that removes dead and dirty germs from your skin. It removes fine lines and wrinkles from your face.

Method to use yogurt

Take on a tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of yogurt and mix them well. Apply with a clean face brush on your face for 20 minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water, it will make your skin smooth and clean.

Get Rid of Crow’s Feet With Lemon Juice

The citric acid in lemon juice gives new birth to your skin. Vitamin c is present in lemon which is an excellent antioxidant and exfoliates.

How to use lemon juice

When you have no time for your skin treatment, just take one lemon and cut it into two pieces. Rub your outer and under-eye areas with lemon. At least do this twice daily for smooth and shiny skin. Give 10 minutes to your skin and add one tablespoon of honey to the lemon juice for attractive skin.

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