Reduce Your Weight With Green Tea

Reduce Your Weight With Green Tea
Weight Loss and Green Tea

reduce your weight with green tea

How Green Tea Leaves Are Made?

Tea comes in various varieties, but all are produced from the same plant. Camellia sinensis plant is a source of green, black, white, and oolong tea. When the camellia sinensis plant leaves are steamed, then the fermentation of green tea is complete. The fermentation of oolong and black tea does go through the same process because it keeps more antioxidants and nutrients.

Why Do People Love Green Tea?

In the whole world, the most consuming type of tea is green tea; Many people take this tea after dinner to change their taste, to keep fit in their digestive system, or for weight loss. When you take one cup of green tea before sleep, it helps your body to burn calories during sleep and boost your metabolism. The most powerful antioxidant caffeine is found in green tea, a flavonoid known as catechins. Both flavonoids play a different role in your body, breaking down excess fat in your body possible with catechins. When the catechins and caffeine mix up with each other, they increase your body’s energy.

10-Health Benefits of Green Tea Other Than Weight Loss

  • Green tea contains vitamin B.
  • It increases fat burning and maintains good blood flow in the body.
  • Green tea improves brain functions.
  • Cholesterol levels can be controlled with green tea.
  • Heart health can be controlled by green tea.
  • The chances of Alzheimer’s disease will be reduced by the use of green tea.
  • Green tea controls type 2 diabetes.
  • It protects against cancer and many other diseases.
  • It controls high blood pressure.
  • It may help you live longer.

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How Much Green Tea Can Reduce Your Weight?

If you like you drink tea after your snack or early morning, enjoy it. Because it’s safe and very helpful for losing weight. If you consume two to three cups a day; should be enough for your weight loss goal. Green tea is not even helpful for weight loss; it protects you from many diseases.

How To Make Green Tea Ready To Drink for Weight Loss?

Take one and a half cups of water in a bowl and boil the water for five to six minutes until it’s completely boiled. Now add a half tablespoon of sugar if you like otherwise you can skip the sugar for better results. Before adding the green tea leaves to boiled water turn off the flame, then add some green tea leaves and cover the bowl with a lid. After 2 minutes strain the tea and enjoy it. 

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  1. Green tea is one of my favorite tea believe me i lost 2 kg weight in just 2 weeks while using green tea regularly

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