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Weight Loss Drinks: 10-Simple Morning Drinks

10-Simple Morning Drinks for Weight Loss

Do you want to look fit in your favorite pair of jeans? But unluckily, due to belly fat, this is not possible for some people. Don’t worry, belly fat is not a big issue; just take these 10 simple metabolism-boosting drinks every morning. These drinks not only help you in weight loss, but also reduce your belly fat, and overall body weight.

  • Saunf water for weight loss
  • Fennel seeds burn your belly fat
  • Can ajwain water lose weight?
  • Honey and ajwain water to lose your weight
  • Preparing method of honey drink for weight loss
  • Raw ajwain for weight loss
  • Procedure to make mixed spice powder for weight loss
  • Reduces your weight lemon water
  • Green tea for weight loss
lose your weight with simple drinks

10-Simple Morning Drinks for Weight loss

Saunf Water for Weight Loss 

Saunt is known as funnel seeds. The fennel seeds (Saunf) are used for various health benefits, and for treating different ailments. Most of the time funnel seeds are used for mouth freshness. Additionally, these seeds add to curries, different rice dishes, and sweets dishes for pleasant flavors. Digestive issues, asthma, gas problems, and congestion problems can manage with these seeds.

Did you know funnel seeds remedy can reduce your weight? Yes! that is right! It has many vital nutrients that help you to boost weight loss and reduce belly fat. 

Fennel Seeds Can Burn Belly Fat 

Two methods are the most commonly used: fennel seeds, fennel tea, and seed water. Take a cup of water and a half-table spoonful of fennel seeds. Mix it well and leave it overnight. In the morning, when you wake up, take that fennel seed water sip by sip. After seven days you will notice surprising effects on your belly fat.

The second method is to use fennel tea. When you make tea for yourself, add some fennel seeds to the tea and enjoy the pleasant flavor of the tea. It will help you to lose weight.

Can Ajwain Water Lose Your Weight?

Since ancient times ajwain (carom seeds) has been used as ayurvedic medicine for various ailments. In Asian countries carom seeds are used in dishes to increase the flavors. Digestion boosting and better absorption of nutrients are only possible with carom seeds. 

Ways To Use Ajwain Water Drink for Weight Loss

Take a bowl and add one or two liters of water in a bowl. Turn on the flame and boil the water. When water is near to boil add 2 tablespoons of carom seeds into it and let it boil until the water changes its color. When the water changes its color to golden, turn off the flame. Strain the water and let it cool. Fill this ajwain water into the bottle and use it throughout the day.

This water will speed up your metabolism. When the metabolism level will be high in your body, the more calories you will burn and you will lose weight. 

Honey and Ajwain Water To Lose Your Weight 

Amino acids, minerals, and vitamins are packed in honey. When you take honey it activates different hormones in your body. The mixture of honey and carom seeds can reduce your body fat within two weeks.

Preparing Method for Honey Drink for Weight Loss

Take 25 grams of soaked ajwain and 250 ml of water overnight. Strain the water the next morning and add one tablespoon of honey to it. Take this drink every morning when your stomach is in empty condition. Take this drink every morning for two months to keep fit and smart yourself.

Raw Ajwain for Weight Loss

Every morning take a crushed spoonful of raw ajwain. Take a raw Ajwain 30 minutes after your breakfast. If you use these seeds every morning, your digestive system will release digestive juices. Regular use of ajwain seeds reduces one-two kilo weight in a month.

Procedure To Make Mixed Spice Powder for Weight Loss

To prepare this powder, take one tablespoon of fennel seeds (Saunf), ajwain (Carom seeds), kalonji, and cinnamon. Now, grind all these ingredients into a powder and mix them well. Store this mixture in an airtight container. Take one glass of water and half a tablespoon of powder. Mix it well and consume it twice a day before/between your meals.

Note: If you are pregnant before taking this mixture consult your doctor, because it may cause miscarriage.   

Reduces Your Weight With Lemon Water

Most of the time lemon water is used for refreshing drinks. Lemon water boosts your metabolism and it’s a good source of antioxidants and fiber. Especially, pectin fiber. Pectin fiber plays the most important role in melting belly fat. Fill a glass of lukewarm water and add one or half (according to your taste) lemon into it. mixed it well, and drink it every morning or empty stomach.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea has become one of the favorite drinks for weight loss because boosting metabolism and antioxidants are overabundant. Avoiding adding sugar to green tea can avail of maximum benefits. In case you don’t like this drink without sugar you can enhance its taste with lemon juice. Many studies have suggested that the use of green tea without sugar can enhance the speed ratio of your metabolism.


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