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Weight Loss Teas: 5-Good Teas You Need for Weight Loss

Now day’s people are crazy about tea. After every meal, they would like to drink tea which may help them in weight loss. Around the world, thousands of varieties exist, but green tea, black tea, and ginger tea, people are using most for weight loss. Only green and black teas are not beneficial for weight loss, many other types of tea have surprising effects on your body fat.

Flavonoids are the health-promoting substances found in black, green, and oolong tea. These substances not only lose weight but also keep away you from heart disease and diabetes.

Drinks are given below five teas to lose weight.

  • Green tea for weight loss.
  • How white tea can reduce your weight?
  • Can turmeric tea lose weight?
  • Lemon and ginger teas for weight loss.
  • Is weight loss possible with oolong tea?
Weight loss teas / Tea for weight loss

Weight Loss Teas: 5-Good Teas You Need for Weight Loss​

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Around the world nutritionists and health, experts said, that green tea is most beneficial for health. Green tea is most effective for weight loss because the presence of catechins health-promoting substances reduces your belly fat quickly. In one study in 2008, 80 overweight people who take green tea twice a day, reduce their weight by 3.3 kg in just two weeks.

After a sometimes another study was conducted and in that study, health researchers took 60 obese people. They divide 60 people into two groups. After two months, 30 people gain weight and 30 people reduced their weight. The reason behind the weight gain and weight loss was that 30 people take green tea in the morning and night, and the other 30 people who gain weight do not take green tea. 

This is because in green tea the high amount of catechins is a health-promoting substance, which helps your body to burn extra fat. If you take one cup of green tea before sleep you will lose weight quickly in just two weeks.

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How White Tea Can Reduce Your Weight?

Like other tea white tea is also used for weight loss and reducing belly fat. The taste of white tea is slightly different. The number of catechins in white tea can compare with green tea. White tea’s benefits are well studied and help you to kill cancer cells. White tea reduces the chances of new fat cells as a result weight gain will also reduce.

Can Turmeric Tea Lose Weight?

Mostly turmeric is used to add color to curries, to get maximum health benefits. Do you know turmeric can lose weight? Curcumin antioxidant found in turmeric. In Chinese medicine, curcumin has been used for many centuries. Turmeric not only controls your weight gain but is also used for many other disorders like metabolic disorders and eliminating obesity.

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Lemon and Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

When you use lemon and ginger together it will boost your metabolism and overall health. Lemon and ginger tea can boost your energy three times. The richness of antioxidants and high vitamin C content can boost your immune system. Sugar levels can be controlled by ginger and turmeric tea. Lemon and ginger tea improves fat absorption and stops it from building up. Liver health will also improve with this and enhance digestion.

Is Weight Loss Possible With Oolong Tea?

Traditionally this tea belongs to china, like green tea and black tea it has surprising effects on overweight people. Catechins are the health-promoting substance found in oolong tea. In one study people who drank oolong tea for two weeks reduced their almost two-pound weight.

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