How You Can Lose Weight With Yoga | benefits, poses

How You Can Lose Weight With Yoga? Benefits, Poses, and Types

lose weight with yoga | Yoga for weight loss

Yoga comes with a lot of health benefits such helps you to build your muscles, you can lose weight with yoga, improving sleep, Reducing your stress, etc.

An exercise in which you move your body into various positions that make your body more flexible, breathe improve, calm your mind and make your body fit, is Yoga. While there are many benefits of yoga, most people focus on meditation and mindfulness. Yoga has divided into many types that can reduce your stress, increase strength and stamina, meditation, increase patience, and mindfulness, which can help you to live a healthy life.

How Many Types OF Yoga

Yoga is a set of spiritual, mental, and physical practices that help you to focus on your breath and feel a strong connection with your body.

David Chesworth, Director at Hilton Head Health of Fitness and Personal Trainer and ACSM Certified, Said “Yoga includes a heavy emphasis on bringing attention inward”.

Some Types Of Yoga Help You To Achieve Certain Goals

·        Nidra Yoga

·        Power Yoga or Vinyasa

·        Hot Yoga or Bikram

·        Hatha Yoga

·        Lyengar yoga

·        Kundalini

·        Eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga

·        Yin Yoga

·        Restorative Yoga

·        Prenatal

·        Anusara

·        Jivamukti Yoga

Can Weight Loss Be Possible with Yoga?

Yes, Weight Loss can be possible with yoga if you do regular yoga. Chesworth Said, “you are going to burn calories when you start practicing yoga. “But it wouldn’t mean that yoga is a golden bullet to lose your weight.

Practicing yoga for just a few weeks can lead to weight loss and many other health benefits. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a study in 2013, that study they showed a man who had a 26 body mass index (BMI) or greater lost 1.9kg of weight while practicing yoga just for ten days.

Which Yoga Poses Good For Weight Loss?

·       Warrior Two Pose OF Yoga can reduce your weight

·       Boat Type Pose of yoga will help you to lose weight

·       Plank pose of yoga is the best way to reduce your weight

The above mention three poses do not just help you to lose weight. These poses have many health benefits such as:

·        Flexibility in your body will be increased

·        Improvement in the respiration system

·       Vitality and energy improvement

·       Keep balance in metabolism

·       Athletic Health will be improved

·       Muscles tone improvement

·       Reduce the risk of heart attack

·        Stress control

·        Improved sleep

·       Improvement in the digestive system with yoga

·       Body flexibility improvement with the help of yoga can be possible

·       Relief in back pain can be controlled

Stress is a devastating effect on your health. Insomnia, pain, and anxiety are due to stress. In most cases the main reason behind weight gain is stress.

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