How to Apply Mascara Perfectly


How to Apply Mascara Perfectly?

How to Apply Mascara Perfectly

Are eyes truly the most important part of your face? Yes! Because eyes might be the only thing, that meets while we talk to each other. Thus, styling your eyes play an important role in one’s good looks.  Mascara might be just what you only need to make your eyes more attractive. How can someone put on perfect mascara? Hang tight we will answer all of your questions and provide the best way to apply mascara perfectly.

What Is Mascara?

While some of you wonder what might exactly is mascara. I will answer this for you, “mascara is the cosmetic you apply on your eyelashes to make them look more prominent and darker”.  If you know, the best way to apply mascara this might be the only eye makeup you ever need.

How to Apply Perfect Mascara?

Most of us think that we know it all when it comes to putting on mascara. Trust me after reading all this you might be amazed to see the difference. You should try all the steps and find out what holds for you. Just because all of us are unique and our eyes are unique too.

Steps to Apply Perfect Mascara

There are several ways to use mascara but the best way to apply mascara involves the following steps:

Clean Eyes 

The first step is cleaning the eyes of all the dirt or previous makeup. The reason behind this is to provide clean eyelashes for mascara and to prevent any clumps from forming.

Tip: Apply eye makeup after your mascara so that even if you leave any marks to make cleaning is easy this is for those who are just starting if you are skilled with it, you can apply it after eye makeup.

Choose the Perfect Mascara

It might sound enigmatic but there are whole varieties of mascaras available in the market. They all differ in colors and even have specific attributes like waterproof mascara for those pool parties and lengthening mascara for short eyelashes people thus choosing what’s best for you is also important.

Curling Your Eyelashes

Yes, curling eyelashes is one of the easiest ways to make your mascara look better. Following are the main ways you can achieve that by using a curler. The use of a curler is straightforward you place the curler on the eyelashes not too deep and then gently press on those to give them a perfect and even curl. Some curlers might be different so read the user’s manual too.

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With the Skill of a Finger

The finger hack is pretty easy to use first put your finger under your eyelashes, caution doesn’t poke your eye with your finger, after this close your eyes your finger will move the eyelashes up a bit and hold it there for a few seconds not too long, this will give them a curled look.

Apply Mascara on Eyelashes
Check Your Mascara

To apply mascara on your eyelashes first open up the mascara and take the brush out. Look closely to see any clumps or any other particles on the bush. Look at the consistency of the mascara to make sure it is not too dry, as it will damage your eyelashes.

Apply on the Upper Eyelashes

Now dip the brush stick and apply it to your eyelashes starting from the center. Make sure you do not overuse it on the first go. Using a mirror and opening your eye slightly you will be able to see where your brush is.  After centering carefully moves the edges making sure you have mascara on the brush gently moving the brush upwards from down and vice versa.

Cleaning Smudges

It is normal to get smudges now and then. Therefore, you do not worry about it just get a tissue or makeup-removing wipes to remove the smudges from the eyes. This will be super easy once you will get a hang of it.

Move On to the Lower Lashes 

These might be the trickiest of them all but using a tissue under them makes this job super easy. First, get a simple tissue and place it under your bottom eyelashes. Now, take the mascara and apply it to the lower eyelashes as is. Do not worry about the smudges they will be on the tissue and make sure to not touch your eye with the brush as it will cause irritation.

Re-apply if Necessary

Some of us have very thin eyelashes it will require another go after the first one dries. This will give them a bulkier look. Trust me; it will make them look fabulous. Therefore, you should play with it and find the jaw-dropping, diamond in the rough one super look for yourself.

Things To Note While Applying Mascara

Some of the mascaras contain artificial pigments and chemicals that can cause irritations to sensitive individuals. Therefore, if you have super sensitive skin, it is recommended that you try all-organic products and find the one that works the best for you.


Yes, you can apply mascara on artificial eyelashes too it will make them blend even more. Therefore, mascara is necessary while putting on eyelash extensions.

Removing Mascara

This is one of the most important yet neglected steps as eyelashes are sensitive they can break easily. For this, you need to get a wet soft tissue or cotton pad and gently remove it from the eyelashes. For waterproof mascaras, use oil products or makeup removal wipes to get the product off after cleaning the eyelashes use any recommended product to keep them healthy.

Keeping Mascara on Overnight

You should not keep the mascara on your eyes for too long.  It should be removed within 24 hrs. Keeping it on for longer time spans can cause irritations and even thin eyelashes after a while.

The Bottom Line on How to Apply Perfect Mascara

This solves the problem of how to apply mascara while showing the best way to apply mascara. This guide is all you need to get started. Applying mascara will take some skill and time but the results after are totally worth the effort. So, keep on trying in your free time as practice can perfect anything. 

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