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    Melon Seeds: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

    10 Benefits of melon seeds

    Melon Seeds: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects Melon seeds (Egusi) are a Nigerian and other African countries popular crop that have many health benefits. These are vital for children, young and old, men, and women. The local name of melon seeds is Egusi and is full of vitamins and essential minerals. In this article are going to explore melon seeds and their several health benefits. The content of the article includes: Make Your Skin Brighter Antioxidants Properties Improves Your Digestion Improves Vision Melon Seeds Reduce Inflammation Make Your Bones Strong Improves Appetite Melon Seeds Fight With Cancer Cells Having Anti-arthritic Properties Rich Source of Proteins Side Effects of Melon Seeds Below are some of the interesting health benefits of melon seeds. So, scroll…