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12 Bad Combing Habits That Cause Hair Loss

12 Bad Combing Habits That Can Contribute to Hair Loss

12 Bad Combing Habits That Cause Hair Loss

Maintaining healthy hair is a top priority for every man and women. Beautiful and strong hair enhances overall personality and boosts confidence. However, some people are unaware of some routine habits when brushing or combing hair. Such habits can unknowingly contribute to hair weakness and hair fall. In this article, we will explore these bad combing habits that can contribute to hair loss.

Rough Combing

When you wake up few minutes before your school/office time and hurry to prepare, you made many shortcuts to manage time and one of those shortcuts is rough combing or brushing hair too quickly. This is one of the most harmful habits for your hair. When you forcefully run a comb through your hair quickly, especially if it’s tangled, you put an excessive strain on the hair shafts. This can lead to hair breakage, split ends, and hair fall. Always brush your hair gently and adopt gentle and patient combing techniques to avoid damaging your hair.

Using a Brush that is Too Hard

Some people are very cautious about all the items on dressing table but many people do not care for what they are using. Choosing a perfect brush or comb for your hair is also necessary. Using a brush with hard bristles can be damaging to your hair. The harsh bristles can scratch your scalp and weaken the hair roots, leading to increased hair fall over time. It’s important to choose a brush with soft bristles that glide smoothly through your hair, preventing unnecessary tension and breakage.

Using a Fine-Toothed Comb

While fine-toothed combs are useful for styling and precision work, they are not ideal for everyday combing especially when your hair are thick. The closely spaced teeth of a fine-toothed comb can easily get caught in tangles, causing hair to snap and break. Always prefer wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush instead, as they are gentler on your hair and minimize hair damage.

Brushing from the Scalp Downwards

Brushing your hair from the scalp downwards might seem like a logical approach, but it can be harmful to your hair. Combing your hair from the roots downwards can put unnecessary stress on the hair follicles. This technique pulls on the hair roots, causing them to weaken and potentially leading to hair fall. This can weaken the roots and make the hair more prone to breakage and hair fall. To minimize damage, start combing from the ends and gradually work your way up towards the roots, gently detangling any knots along the way.

Combing Wet Hair

Many people are ignorant that combing wet hair is dangerous for hair. If you are doing so, stop doing this. Combing wet hair is a common mistake that can result in excessive hair fall. When your hair is wet, it is more fragile and prone to breakage. The tugging and pulling action of a comb can cause the strands to stretch and snap easily. If you have no time to let the hair dry, use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush and start from the ends, working your way up slowly.

Using an Old and Worn Out Hairbrush

Do you love your belongings? Someone gifted me this hair brush and I am using it since last 7 years. Are you among such people? No! You shouldn’t do that. Everything has an expiry life and you should buy new one before it expires. Using an old and worn-out hairbrush may seem harmless, but it can actually contribute to hair weakness and hair fall. Over time, the bristles of a brush can become jagged and rough, causing damage to the hair cuticles and leading to breakage. Replace your hairbrush regularly to ensure it remains in optimal condition for your hair’s health.

Using a Hairbrush that Is Not Specifically for Detangling

When dealing with tangled hair, using a hairbrush that is not specifically designed for detangling can worsen the problem. Regular brushes may cause the tangles to tighten and result in hair breakage. Invest in a detangling brush with flexible bristles that gently glide through your hair, minimizing damage and reducing hair fall.


Excessive brushing can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. While regular brushing is necessary for hair health, over-brushing can do more harm than good. Find a balance that works for your hair type and texture, and remember to be gentle during the brushing process.

Sharing a Hairbrush

If you are living in a hostel you might be using shared items. But there are many things that can’t be shared and hair brush is one of those. You can share hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, but you can’t share a brush or comb. Sharing a hairbrush might seem harmless, but it can lead to various issues, including hair weakness and hair loss. Sharing brushes can transfer oils, dirt, and bacteria from one person to another, potentially causing scalp infections and weakening hair follicles. To maintain healthy hair, avoid sharing your hairbrush with others. Ask your fellow freely and convince them to use their own brush.  

Using Dirty Combs

Are you living in a polluted area? You are not living in a dust free room? Your vanity items are not in a lockup or closed cabinet? You item can become dirty and small dust particles can make them harmful for you.  Using dirty combs can have negative effects on your hair health. When you use a dirty comb, you expose your hair and scalp to accumulated dirt, oils, and product residue. This can clog hair follicles, leading to hair weakness and hair fall. Keep your combs clean by regularly washing them with warm water and mild shampoo.

Untangling Large Knots

Dealing with large knots in your hair can be frustrating, but it’s important to handle them with care. Trying to forcefully untangle large knots can cause hair breakage and hair fall. Instead, apply a small amount of conditioner or detangling spray to the knot and use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently work through it.

Combing Too Often

While regular combing is necessary for maintaining healthy hair, combing too often can cause damage. Frequent combing can lead to over-manipulation of the hair, causing it to weaken and break. Find a balance that suits your hair type and style, and avoid excessive combing to minimize hair fall.


Maintaining healthy hair requires more than just using the right hair products. Avoiding bad combing habits is essential for preventing hair weakness and hair fall. By being gentle, using the correct tools, and following proper techniques, you can keep your hair strong, vibrant, and beautiful.

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