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What you should know about chewing gum?

chewing gum

What You Should Know About Chewing Gum?

What You Should Know About Chewing Gum?

Many of you chew gum just for the taste or as a habit but you should know the benefits of chewing gum.

In ancient times, Greeks took sap from the mastic tree and started chewing. Nowadays many companies made gum synthetically pack it in a special packing and sold them.

Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

It helps you to produce more saliva at least for short time. Keeps your breath fresh, promotes oral hygiene, relieves stress, improves memory and concentration, and controls blood pressure.

Calories Burner

If you are chewing gum, it will help you to burn 11 calories. These may be increased.

Improve Your Memory by Chewing Gumm

The blood flow increase in your brain when you chew gum. This helps you to improve your memory and concentration while studying and doing any brainwork. According to a study with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), tests found that the parts of the brain are activated when you chew gum. These activated brain parts help you to do any work with more concentration.

Chewing Gum and Oral Health

teeth strength by gum chewing

Actually, chewing gum is the easiest way to make your teeth strong and clean. You should chew sugar-free gum after every meal because it cleans your teeth, gets the plague away, and rebuild enamel. In a small study on Japanese men, 35 people chew gum after meals, and 35 did not. Researchers found fewer bacteria in the saliva of the 35 people who chew gum as compared to the other 35.

Relieves Heartburn 

Pop one piece of gum after a meal to ease indigestion. It relieves heartburn and produces more saliva to wash down digestive acid.

Improves Your Eyesight

OK, we will be honest. Some more information is needed to prove that chewing gum can improve your eyesight and help you to see more clearly. However, in a small study with 46 adults, this has been proved that chewing gum improves eye focus. So, you should keep one pack of gum with you instead of glasses.

Gum Can Reduce Stress

In a study of 100 students, researchers found evidence that when the students chew gum before exams it helps to reduce stress and stay them calm. Have you ever seen that, while playing any sports players chew gum on the playground? Do you know why they chew gum? Because it helps them to stay focused on the game and improves their memory and concentration.

gum chewing can feel you relax

How To Know About Good Chewing Gum?

Here are some tips that might help you to choose a good chewing gum.

Keep it sugar-free: Try to choose a sugar-free one if you want to get all the benefits of it.

Your choice and flavor: Always pick the flavor, which you like the most.

Look for xylitol: Xylitol has too many antibacterial properties that are good for your teeth. Most dentists recommend xylitol. (Do not go overboard, because it may be bad for your tummy.)

Is Chewing Gum Bad for You?

Karyn Kahn, DDS said, you should think twice before un-wrapping the chewing gum stick because excess of everything is bad. It can be harmful to you or may cause serious mouth risks.

Tooth Decay and Sugar Gum

in the mid of 1800s, America started to sell chewing gum. Early on, manufacturers start adding flavors to it to increase its appeal. But by the 1950s, many dentists said that artificial flavors can cause tooth decay. They said sugar in chewing gum turns into acid, which is the reason for tooth decay. So, you should be careful while purchasing chewing gum.

Know Some Interesting Facts About Chewing Gum

Fact No.1: Chew chewing gum when you are going to cut the onion because it will stop your eyes from watering. Interesting, but how it works? When you chew gum you breathe from the mouth instead of the nose. That is why the irritation caused by the scent of the onions will not reach the lachrymal gland.

Fact No.2: Another fun fact about chewing gum is that September 30th and February 15th are two national days of it.

Fact No.3: You know that eBay sold one chewing gum for $14,000.Strange! Because that was chewed by the BRITNEY SPEARS the American singer.

Fact No.4: In the world, Iran is only the country where people chew more chewing gum. The consumption of chewing gum is higher in Iran than in all other world countries. The reason behind this is, shopkeepers give chewing gum to customers if they have no change.

Fact No.5: A person chews 250 pieces and set the world record. 

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