Why You Should Avoid Banana in Dieting?

In this article, we will scrutinize all about bananas. The content of the article includes:

  • What are bananas?
  • Types of bananas.
  • Nutritional facts of banana.
  • Benefits of bananas.
  • Side effects of banana.
  • When to eat and avoid bananas?
  • Combination of banana with skimmed milk.
  • Reasons to eat bananas.
  • How much banana you should eat in a day?
  • Why you should avoid banana in dieting?
Banana in dieting

What Are Bananas?

In the UK, the banana is the most popular fruit. Every individual almost eats 10kg to 12kg of bananas every year. This range varies according to people’s love of bananas. The shapes of bananas are different according to their variety but the creamy flesh in bananas makes them thick and yummy. Now, most of you think that bananas are in green color when they under-ripe, then change from yellow (ripe) to brown (overripe). According to their types, they have different colors and sizes. The growth of bananas is in clusters. In one cluster, there are almost 50-150 bananas.

Types of Bananas

In the world, there are more than a thousand types of bananas. Every type has a different size, shape, and taste. You will wish to eat all types of bananas when you know the benefits of every type. We recommend you add them to your diet if you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Cavendish bananas: Known as the world’s most exported bananas. This type of banana is mostly found in the USA and Europe.

Apple bananas: In Hawaii, this is a naturally growing fruit. In Central and South America, another name for this fruit is Manzano. The remarkable taste and pinkish flesh of this type of banana make them unique. You should add this type of banana to your diet.

Red bananas: You can say these are yellow bananas when they are unripe but they change their color into red when they ripe.

Ladyfinger bananas: These types of bananas are found in India. They are like Cavendish bananas but their sweeter taste urges you to eat more. You cannot stop yourself from adding them to your diet, once you taste them.

Pisang Raja bananas: Only found in Indonesia and also known as Musa Belles.

Blue Java bananas: They have a vanilla-like flavor and are blue in color. That’s why they are known as Ice-cream bananas.

Gold finger bananas: this type grows in Honduras. When they ripen, they change their color into a deep yellow. They are also famous for cooking bananas; you can bake them for an extra sweet taste.

Burro bananas: In Southeast Asian dishes these bananas mostly use such as in Caribbean cuisine dishes.

Some other types of bananas are:

Plantain, Burro Banana, Barangan Banana, Orinoco, Bluggoe, Fehi, rhino horn, macho plantain, and Mysore.

Nutritional Facts of Bananas

In the given below, we are going to tell you the nutritional facts of one medium size banana.

  • Potassium: 9% DV
  • Vitamin B6: 25% DV
  • Vitamin C: 11% DV
  • Magnesium: 8% DV
  • Copper: 10% DV
  • Manganese: 14% DV
  • Fiber: 3.07 grams

The high nutrients in bananas provide you lot of health benefits. There are a lot of fiber and carbs. Minerals and vitamins are also present in excess amounts in bananas. On the other hand, bananas have fewer amounts of proteins and fat.

Benefits of Bananas | Add Them to Your Diet

As you know, natural fruits have many health benefits. However, bananas are known as an extremely healthy snack when you think to get your body perfect because it is packed with lots of nutrients and vitamins. However, do you ever think that your body may be affected when you eat bananas every day? Scroll down more to know the reason for what happens when you add more bananas to your everyday diet.

However, according to research, your habit of eating bananas daily has various health benefits. Such as your skin getting brighter, it helping you to lose weight, and many more.

According to experts, overboard can be harmful to your body so, remember to get smaller plates daily. 1-3 bananas per day are enough for your daily needs. Are you a lover of eating bananas more than 1-3? You should know these side effects before eating healthy bananas every day.

More Weight Loss While Adding Bananas in Diet

Eating bananas regularly can increase your weight loss ratio. This can be beneficial for you. The amount of fiber and proteins in bananas make you fuller for a long time and you need no snack. That is why you should eat them in fewer or recommended amount

Sleep Well | Eat Banana

An amino acid tryptophan is found in bananas which could be the reason for sleep. Experts recommend, eating bananas at the end of the day is better for you to get pleasurable sleep. Because magnesium and potassium both are present in bananas, which are the best muscle relaxants nutrients.

Eat Bananas | Improve Your Memory Power

Hmm…! Strange, now the question is in your mind how can you increase memory power while eating bananas? Yes, it is true you can increase your memory power just by eating bananas. According to BBC, the amount of vitamin B in bananas improves your memory functions.  Your brain gets more power and energy to perform better. In studies, it is mentioned that if the students eat 1-3 bananas before an exam or study he/she can perform better.

Banana Combat With Cancer Cells

You can keep safe yourself from killing disease cancer by just eating bananas regularly. A cancer-killing substance present in too-ripe bananas (Tumor necrosis factor). This substance comes into being when the bananas change their color into darker shades. It fights abnormal cells and cancerous cells in your body.

Control Your Blood Pressure | Add Bananas in Your Diet

According to the American heart association, eating more potassium-rich foods instead of salt and sodium-rich foods can lower blood pressure. The tautness in your cardiovascular system reduces with potassium-rich foods and lower blood pressure. Many nutritionists recommend people eat a banana because it provides almost 9% of their daily potassium needs.

Get Rid of Asthma

In 2007, one study revealed that if children eat bananas it could prevent them from wheezing/ asthma. The reason behind eating bananas is that a rich amount of potassium and antioxidants is present in them.

When you add bananas to diet, you can get many other health benefits such as:

  • Bananas can lower the risk of diabetes.
  • You can Improve your digestive health by eating bananas.
  • Fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants in bananas can improve your heart health.
  • Eating bananas makes your mood fresh and happy because of the rich amount of amino acids in them, which regulate your mood.
  • Bananas help you to remove irritation and harmful acids from your stomach.
  • It can help your immune system to work in a better way.
  • Depression can be decreased when you use consume bananas according to recommendations.
  • Bananas can improve your vision.
  • Males can improve their sexual performance while eating bananas.

Side Effects of Bananas

As we mentioned above, banana has many health benefits but everything in nature have also side effects when you use them in excess amount. A famous quote about it is, “excess of everything is bad”.

So, let us tell you some side effects of bananas.

Can Bananas Gain Weight?

Yes, as compared to your favorite box of cookies and crisps, bananas have less amount of calories. However, they have enough calories, which can gain your weight. 105 calories found in medium size bananas. When you compare them with other fruits such as medium size orange and grapes have 62 and one-cup watermelon have 45 calories. Are you looking for low calories snack after every few hours, then we do not recommend bananas.

Banana can be eaten in many ways because it has a delicious taste. However, if you eat bananas more than three you might gain weight. The reason is that it has many calories. Do you know? One single banana has 100 calories.

Migraine Attacks Can Be Increased

 Are you facing acute migraine attacks? Then you should avoid eating bananas in your daily diet. In some foods such as bananas, fish, meat, and cheese tyramine substance were found which could prompt migraine headaches. In the peels of bananas, tyramine is in excess amount than pulp. You should be more cautious while removing stringy pieces of peel.

Tooth Decay Problems While Eating a Banana

Bananas are high in starch, which is why they can be the reason for tooth decay. You need to do proper brushing if you eat bananas. Do you know bananas are more detrimental to your oral health? yes, they are more dangerous than any chocolate, chewing gum, and red licorice. In chocolates, sugar is present that dissolve more quickly as compared to starch. The particles of banana remain 2 hours between your teeth that attract more bacteria as a result the risks of cavities increase.


When the number of potassium increases in your blood, it may cause hyperkalemia.

The symptoms of hyperkalemia are a heartbeat increase,   uneven pulse rate nausea and you can face issues of a heart attack.in adults, this disease may get its peak if they consume more potassium. In most diet plans, it has been mentioned to consume more bananas. Such as in the GM diet plan, but you should avoid eating bananas in dieting they may cause serious health issues.

Can Gas Problems Increase With Bananas?

Yes, in bananas soluble fiber and fructose are present, which may cause gas. Your large intestine needs more effort to break down the fiber when you suddenly increase the consumption of fiber. As a result, you can face gas problems.

When to Eat and Avoid Bananas?

You can consume them with breakfast. Remember you have to eat them after any little snack, not empty stomach. If you are suffering from breathing problems, cough, or cold you should avoid them to eat at night. There are two factors behind eating bananas. First, the ripeness of the banana, and second your nutritional needs. Barely ripe bananas are lower in sugar and high in starch. It can stay fuller for a long time because of starch.

Ripe banana helps you in boosting your digestion and improves your heart health. It also boosts your weight loss functions because of low in calories and nutrient-dense. When it comes to well-ripped banana, it is sweeter than others and easy to digest. It can also provide you with spiked energy before any workout.

Combination of Banana With Skimmed Milk

Enjoy many health benefits when consuming bananas and milk together. Both bananas and milk have several nutrients and when they combine, they provide you amazing benefits. As you know, phosphorus, protein, B vitamins, and potassium are rich sources of milk.  Essential minerals and calcium in milk improve your bone health, nerve function, and, muscle contractions. As bananas are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6, so the combination of banana and milk is very beneficial for you.

Reasons to Eat Bananas

You need no reason to eat bananas. If you are still confused about it, we at literaryapple.com are always here for you to help you in each matter about health, dieting, and many more. So, scroll down to know the reasons for eating bananas.

7- Powerful Reason to Eat Bananas

  1. Bananas improve libido.
  2. Your kidney problems can be rooted out when you eat the banana.
  3. After exercising, you can boost your body power while eating bananas.
  4. Bananas help your muscles recover faster.
  5. Full your pocket with vitamin B6 while eating bananas.
  6. Anxiety and stress feelings can be rooted out eat 3-bananas daily.
  7. You can look less bloated if you eat bananas according to the recommended amount.

How Much Banana You Should Eat in a Day?

According to the 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the consumption of bananas may be different according to age and sex. Given below we are going to share how much you should eat banana amount in a day.

  • 105 Energy (calories) are in one medium size banana and adult needs are 1,800–3,000.
  • 3.1-gram of fiber is in one medium size banana and the adult need is 25.2–33.6.
  • 27 grams of carbohydrates including 14.4 g of sugar is in one medium size banana and the adult need is 130.
  • 1.3 grams of Protein is in one medium size banana and the adult need is 46–56.
  • 31.9 (mg) Magnesium and the adult need is 320–420.
  • 26  (mg) Phosphorus and the adult need is 700.
  • 422 (mg) Potassium and the adult need is 4,700.
  • 10.3 (mg) Vitamin C and the adult need is 90 mg.

Why You Should Avoid Bananas in Dieting?

There are a number of reasons that you should avoid eating a banana in dieting. Let us tell you some basic reasons for avoiding bananas in dieting.

Yes, they are known as miracle fruit because of several health benefits. But bananas in diet should be avoided it can lead to several health issues. Excessive use of bananas can lead to stomach problems. As you know they rich source of potassium which fights against constipation. However, when you consume them in high amounts it can be a severe reason for constipation. Starch in bananas can increase digestive issues. They are known as nutritious fruits, but you do not need too much nutrition while dieting. So avoiding bananas in dieting can help you to stay healthy.

Bottom Lines

Thousands of varieties of bananas have different tastes, shapes, and colors. That is why people love to eat bananas to make their taste unique. In many diet plans, it is recommended but you should avoid bananas in dieting because they can be harmful to your overall health. Bananas can make you thin and pale internally and physically.

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