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14 Days Boiled Egg Diet Plan for Weight Loss

14 days egg diet plan for weight loss

14 Days Boiled Eggs Diet Plan for Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to explain about boiled egg diet plan for weight loss. This boiled egg diet plan will help you lose weight with no side effects. Follow this diet plan to maintain your body shape. So, scroll down and continue reading.

Among the healthiest diet plans/diet menus for weight loss, 14 days boiled egg diet plan is my favorite of them. It has some unique properties which may help you in weight loss. The egg is known as weight loss friendly food. In eggs, proteins are of high quality, healthy fats, and most important are vitamins and minerals. Eggs can boost your metabolism.

Nutrition Facts on an Egg

A large size egg has:

  • Calories:  71.5
  • Fat: 5.8 grams
  • Vitamin A: 160mcg
  • Calcium:  56mg
  • Vitamin D:  2mcg
  • Riboflavin: 475mg
  • Vitamin B12: 89mg
  • Folate Capacity: 47mcg
  • Vitamin E: 1.05mg
  • Niacin: 075mg
  • Iron: 1.75mg

Weight Loss with Boiled Egg Diet Plan

A lot of benefits you can enjoy with this simple boiled egg diet plan. You don’t need to buy any special products that eat up your whole income. Secondly, a boiled egg diet plan has a lot of health benefits like boosting metabolism and many others. You have to keep yourself hydrated during the diet. You should start your day with one glass of water and after every hour you have to drink one glass of water. Drinking water at regular intervals can aid you to lose weight.

You must follow the following tips during your egg diet menu for weight loss:

  • Avoid using junk foods.
  • Salt must be eliminated, or you can use sea salt.
  • Don’t use alcohol.
  • Sleep well and stay active.
  • You need to prepare yourself for an egg diet.

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The First Week of the Diet

First week of egg diet plan


Breakfast: Before breakfast, drink one glass of water, boil two eggs, and eat them. After five minutes eat one apple or any other whole fruit which you like.

Lunch: For lunch, use two sweet potatoes and two apples.

Dinner: Consume one plate of salad (preferably large) and one chicken leg piece.


Breakfast: On the second day of the diet, eat two boiled eggs; after five to ten minutes you need one fruit (you can change the fruit).

Lunch: A bowl of green vegetables and some chicken.

Dinner: Green-vegetable salad with two boiled eggs and add one orange in dinner for the second day.


Breakfast: Again two boiled eggs and one of your favourite fruit; preferably an apple.

Lunch: Choose one fruit of your choice to curb your hunger.

Dinner: Prepare salad and steamed chicken for the dinner.


Breakfast: Take a citrus fruit of your own choice and two boiled eggs.

Lunch: Make a pair of steamed vegetables with low fat cheese and two boiled eggs.

Dinner: Eat one plate of salad with one piece of chicken.


Breakfast: Should be one citrus fruit which you want and two boiled eggs.

Lunch: Use two boiled eggs and steamed vegetables.

Dinner: Add grilled fish with salad in your dinner meal.


Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and one citrus fruit of your choice.

Lunch: Consume just two fruits of your choice.

Dinner: Take one chicken piece and steamed vegetables.


Breakfast: On the last day of first-week diet, again take two boiled eggs and one fruit.

Lunch: In lunch, eat salad and vegetables in steamed condition. Add one chicken piece.

Dinner: Serve yourself with steamed veggies.

The Second Week of Boiled Egg Diet Plan/ Diet Menu  for Weight Loss

2nd week of egg diet plan


Breakfast: Take one fruit of your choice and two boiled eggs.

Lunch: Some chicken pieces with salad.

Dinner: Eat an orange, two boiled eggs, and some salad.


Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and your favourite fruit.

Lunch: Steam the vegetables and boil two eggs for lunch.

Dinner: Eat small-size salad plate with grilled fish.


Breakfast: One citrus fruit of your choice and two boiled eggs for your breakfast.

Lunch: For lunch, add salad and one chicken piece.

Dinner: Before going to bed, consume one orange, half a plate of veggie-salad, and two boiled eggs.


Breakfast: Start your day with two boiled eggs and one fruit you want to eat.

Lunch: Sit at the table and eat low-fat cheese and steamed veggies with two boiled eggs.

Dinner: Only a little plate of salad and chicken pieces.


Breakfast: Your day should start with two boiled eggs and one favourite fruit.

Lunch: Enjoy salmon with salad; you can consume grilled fish.

Dinner: Kill your hunger with salad and two boiled eggs.


Breakfast: You need two boiled eggs and one fruit to start your day.

Lunch: A little amount of chicken and one plate of salad.

Dinner: Consume one plate of your favourite fruits.


Breakfast: Now you know what you have to do to start your healthy day just two boiled eggs.

Lunch: Be content with some chicken and vegetables (steamed).

Dinner: End your day with the same food you had for lunch.

The Bottom Line

Now, you must know why this diet is called the “boiled eggs diet menu”. The meals mentioned in the above diet are easy to make and not time-consuming. Some people read the articles and start diet plans, they should avoid these things. Before beginning any diet plan you must consult with your doctor. Don’t rely on any information without confirmation. 

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