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Increase Your Height Naturally With These Simple Steps

can you increase your height naturelly

Increase Your Height Naturally With These Simple Steps

Ways to Increase Your Height Naturally 

If you are looking at yourself in the mirror and wishing for a little bit taller then you are not alone. But do you know? Your height is an aspect of your body and you have no control over it. But you must know that you can increase height naturally with a little bit of effort. Stay on the page if want to see yourself more attractive in the mirror.

Several factors may be the reason for your overall height such as genetic factors, environmental factors, nutritional factors, and the exercises you do. When puberty hits your height the increasing ratio, increases up to 4 inches every year. Once you go through puberty, your height growth will automatically stop. It means you are unlikely to gain your height. However, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that you are maximizing your growth potential. As an adult, you should continue these so that you are retaining your height and overall well-being.

A Balanced Diet Should Be Your First Priority for Height Gain

During your growth years, you must consume all the nutrients that help you in your growth and your body’s need.

balanced diet for height gain
  • Things that should be included in your diet to increase height are fresh fruits, fresh veggies, whole grains, protein, dairy, etc.
  • Some foods that you should avoid include sugar, Trans fats, saturated fats, steroids, caffeine, smoking, alcohol, etc.

How Much Sleep You Should Take To Increase Height Naturally?

Sometimes when you skip sleep it will not affect your height only, but during the period of adolescence regularly you don’t go to your bed on time. It may lead to serious complications. Because when you are sleeping, your body releases the HGH hormone which plays a vital role in height growth. Releasing of HGH and other hormones that are necessary for your body may go down when you don’t take proper sleep.

sleep well to increase height

Suggestions for Sleep

  • A newborn up to 3 months baby should sleep 14-17 hours each day.
  • 3-11 month children should get 12-17 hours of sleep.
  • 1-2 years of toddlers should get 11-14 hours of sleep.
  • 3-5 years of young babies should get 10-13 hours of sleep.
  • 6-13 years a child should sleep at least 9-11 hours.
  • 14-17 years a teenager should shut their eyes at least for 10 hours.
  • 18-64 years of adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • 65+ old age people should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Do you want to take a power nap, then you should get extra sleep it may increase the production of the HGH hormone.

Stay Active if You Want to Get Your Dream Height

Exercise is the best way to get many health benefits. With exercise, you can give strength to your muscles, and bones. Exercise will help you to maintain a healthy weight. It will enhance the production of HGH hormones. In schools, exercise must be a part of education; at least 45 minutes must be given for exercise by the heads of school students. They should arrange special exercise trainers for the better health of their students.

exercises to increase height

During the Exercise, Students Should Focus On

  • Strength-building exercises, which push-ups and sit-ups include.
  • They should focus on yoga which is a flexibility exercise.
  • Playing tag, biking, cycling, rope jumping, etc.

As exercise gives many health benefits to young people, it also has a lot of benefits for old age. It helps you to maintain your overall health when you get old. The disease of weak bones known as osteoporosis can be reduced by exercise. In this condition, your bones lose their density, become weak, or they can be shrink. If you want to be fit in your old age then you must do exercise such as walking, yoga, and playing tennis.

Yoga Can Maximize Your Height

If you have never tried any posture exercise then you should try yoga. Yoga is the best practice for you if you look shorter because yoga gives practice to your whole body. During practicing yoga, you must be in front of a supervisor or you can practice it while watching YouTube videos. If you don’t want to go out from your home comfort, you can practice at home or visit any local gym or studio near you.

Most Popular Poses of Yoga to Improve Your Posture

  • Mountain pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Warrior ii pose

For Looking Taller Get an Advantage From Fashion

Real talk: Platform shoes and high heels can give you a sufficient boost but this is a bit painful because you may suffer obvious pain in your shin. Wearing such shoes will give you an illusion of moderate height even when changing clothes or trousers. When someone looks at you, they first notice your dress and your shoes. Here, we have dressing tips for you that will help you to look taller.

6 Fashion Tips for Women to Look Taller

1.  You have to wear miniskirts these will help you to look taller.

2.  Always wear the same color shoes that match your jeans.

3.      Try to wear a full-color dress.

4.   You should wear a solid long coat in fall and winter.

5.      Wear a fitted dress.

6.      Don’t wear ankle strap shoes.

6 Ways for Men to Dress-up

1.You should wear well-fitting clothes to look taller.

2.For your body, choose high-positioned accessories.

3.Ditch your belts, long hair, and vests.

4.Short jackets should be your priority.

5.Button posture must have a position above your navel.

6.Monochromatic dresses should be on your dresser.

Are Supplements Good or Bad?

When you look into the market or online stores, you see a lot of height gain supplements. The market is full of multivitamins and natural nutrient supplements. But here we say with sadness, with all claims sometimes it may show their results but in the end, they may be affecting your all body’s health. Be aware of these supplements or visit your doctor for good advice. Don’t use height gain supplements directly.

However, when you visit your health consultants they may recommend you some supplements according to your health condition. In any case, if you suffered from hormonal problems or extreme deficiency; consult a doctor. For example, if your HGH hormone growth has stopped then your doctor may recommend HGH growth pills. Older adults should use some supplements such as vitamin d and calcium to reduce the risk of height loss.

Bottom Lines

The main thing that plays a vital role in your height is genetics. You can’t do so much hard work to increase your height just… (Thanks to your parents). As we mentioned above many factors may be the reason for your height. But still, you can look taller if you do good postures and take a good diet.  

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